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Feng Shui tips to attract different kinds of luck

According the Feng Shui, our home has different luck charming corners. If you really want to great luck to your home and unblock all the energy then applying the following Feng Shui tips will help you the most.

The North direction and the Fengshui tips
The North corner of the home is great for improving family relationship. You can uplift the energy of the home by keeping water fountain, aquarium and the dragon tortoise and it will ensure you by good luck in the career activity, promotion and enhanced wealth.  You can use the compass for finding the north direction.  You can keep water in the metal vases or decorate it with windchimes or even with the gold coins. The Dragon tortoise is o boost the income and career.
The south direction and the Fengshui tips
South is the direction of the fame. It helps in getting promotion and if you happened to be from the field of creativity such as writing, acting, dancing or singing then you must enhance the energy of the southern corner. Since south direction has an element of fire, thus you can light up the corner with bright lights, candles or the red hues in curtains and carpets. You can also go for the plantation in the southern points as wood enhances the fire element. If you are passionate about artifacts then keeping Horse and Phoenix will also enhance the fire element and boost up the social status and success.
East is a direction of health
For east, you must use bamboo and dragon. You can plant green trees.
West is a direction of Children luck
You can place the laughing Buddha with kids, Pomegranate, Elephant. West is charged with placing metal. You can also place the crystal and the earthen pots.

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