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Chinese Vases Fengshui and Why You Should Own a Wealth Pot

Fengshui is attracting many people as many are being helped with goodness and great luck. Chinese fengshui vases are designed in various shapes and sizes and specifically painted with colors that can enhance the money luck. Chinese vases are important as they bring the monetary luck, prosperity and the positive energy.

Materials is a special trait of Chinese vases
The material used for the Chinese Vases is spectacular. It is scientifically used to balance the energy of space, for example, different material is used vases to be kept in the direction of the Southwest and the North East. One should prefer the crystal vases for east direction and the metal for the northwest direct. Interestingly if you cover these vases with the colorful clothes, like, blue, green, red, yellow and while and it according to Fengshui it will increase the energy of the vases.
Kinds of Fengshui Vases
·         Procelian fengshui vases are made for symbolizing perpetual harmony. These are blue colored vases and interpreted as the symbol of healing, refreshing water and with the clear skies.
·         Ram vases are scribbled with the Chinese characters with the horns resembling Ram which a Chinese zodiac animal. This is used for the goodness of the expecting mothers and the family as a whole.
·         The triangular shaped vase is imbued with the mountain and the moon design. It is also embedded with the flying birds which hold an important place in the Chinese fengshui symbolism. It stands for bringing the monetary luck and the hold it within the house.

·         A Fengshui wealth pot is symbolic of unending food supply and is apt for bringing immense wealth. It also regulates the daily life and energizes positivity in your living space. But remember that you should open these pots and they can only be cleaned a specific day and the kept back again. 

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