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4 Fengshui Ways for an Unforgettable Door Appeal

Fengshui is attracting many people across world. According fengshui, if the door of the house is appealing then it can bring a lot of wealth. The front of the house is supposed to the mouth of chi. An appealing house door will bring to you good health, wealth and longevity. Don’t confuse here. We do have too many doors in our home but there one main door that we use often. It is through the main door that we enter in the personal world and exist to the outer world.

Reasons for making an appealing door

·         It makes the positive energy flowing in: with an appealing front door without any cluttering. One thing is very important to note here is that there should not any obstruction while the door of the front gate. It should open up smoothly and close down easily.
·         It makes people happy: since front gate is the main gate, it helps the guests to clearly distinguish the main gate. A properly lighted gate would direct people to find out the right place. Don’t forget to replace the used bulbs as according to fengshui, it drains of the positivity and leading to the financial loss and illness.
·         Choice of color: according to the rules of fengshui, the color of the door speaks a lot. The door symbolizes fame and fortune. Although it is better if you choose red color for the main gate, but still you will find a variety of relevant colors, for example, the yellow color says that you are friendly and cheerful while blue says that you are introvert and quiet, where green symbolizes the life in the house.
·         Size matters: the size of the door should be rightly proportionate with the size of the house. Extra large door bring in financial difficulties while small door end up controversial and petty arguments. Thus, doorframes also structures the internal framework of the family.

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