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Near Death Experience

We have all heard of near death experiences. Is there a light that we all head for? Are there guides that appear to take us to our promised reward? Some people say that they have experienced just that. They have seen the light and were drawn out of their bodies and some met relatives who were waiting for them to take them to through the heavenly light.

Does everyone who has a near death experience see the light? Apparently not, one study of 344 patients showed that only 8% to 12 % of survivors of cardiac arrest had near death experiences. I do not understand why a study is not more precise, 8% to 12% ? I guess some of the survivors were not sure if they had near death experiences or not. Strictly speaking, near death experiences, are not recognized by any recognized religion has having to happen. Not everyone refers to the near death experience as a near death experience, but some call it an after death experience. If you define death as the soul leaving the body than this would mean that the soul would have to re-enter the body when you are revived. All this assumes that you believe in a soul.

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Some people who have had such experiences have awoken with new abilities that they didn't have before, others experienced horrific things that changed their lives in many cases. So you see not all the experiences were the same for everyone.

A story was reported by a local TV new network of a girl who had her chest crushed in a car accident. She stopped breathing for over three minutes. "My next experience was really lying on the ground outside of the car, and it was actually an out-of-body experience that I had," The woman stated that she was actually floating above the car and she could see everyone working on her.

The British Medical Journal Lancet states that over seven million people have reported such experiences and that after careful study it felt that they were true experiences.

There are many accounts of near death or after death experiences listed on the web. One woman states she had tried to commit suicide by taking pills and was brought to a hospital. She felt herself floating above her body and could look down and see it. She felt herself traveling through a tunnel and met a women who was dressed in white. There were many people there who, she felt, were to stay there forever. She had the feeling that these people were criminals of the worst type. She could feel intense suffering. She woke up in the hospital and from that point on she changed her life for the better.

He was an atheist, but he isn't anymore. He had a near death experience about twenty years ago that changed his life. He died in the hospital but realized that he was standing. He spoke to his wife who was in the room but she didn't answer. He then saw his body in the bed. He could hear voices calling him in the hall. He saw a hazy light but couldn't make out the shape of the people but he followed them. They began to beat him and he struggled. He was surrounded by thousands and they were tearing his flesh off and eating him. He began praying and this enraged the beings who yelled that there was no God. He realized however that they were leaving and God was driving them off. He yelled for Jesus to save him and a light appeared. He saw a being in the light who was about eight feet tall. The being healed his torn body and he was sent back to earth.

With the amount of near death experiences there are, every type of person is affected. A PhD in biology experienced this phenomena and it changed her life forever. She had an out of body experience and she says she was taken to another reality. She stated that it surprised her since her life as a scientist had not trained her for this experience. She also acquired the ability to heal when she returned. She now believes that there is really no death and we just transform from physical to spiritual and there is nothing to fear.

Another man had just recovered from a heart attack and was eating his lunch in his hospital bed when his heart stopped beating. He was shocked for over ten minutes but didn't recover and was declared dead. When the attendant from the morgue came up to get him he suddenly revived. He had been dead for over twenty minutes. When he awoke his personality was completely changed. He became very spiritual and helpful and wrote a couple of books about his experience.

Near death experience is nothing new. People were telling other people about this for thousands of years. The funny part of this is that many of the stories that were told back then were similar to the stories being told now. There is a story that is said to come from the 700s where a man who had died suddenly came back to life. He told those who were around him that he had seen a light and that a handsome man was guiding him. He said that he must now live a different life.

Is it a coincidence that so many that report of this experience report the same thing? When asked about this some neurologists were of the opinion that when one dies certain synapses in the brain fire causing the sensation of light, but this really doesn't explain the rest of the story, such as the guide, the floating, knowing what happened after you died, etc. No doubt there is something to this, but there will always be people who will reticule those who believe it. Near death experiences are sometimes treated the same as UFO abductions. As I said before, over seven million people had reported having this experience and who knows how many others had it but didn't report it. Can they all be lying, crazy or frauds?

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