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Mind Reading and sixth sense

By Kenneth J. McCormick

Have you ever noticed that in science fiction every alien can read minds? I wonder why this is? It makes us as humans seem a little under developed, doesn't it? It isn't only science fiction that refers to this mind reading. People who have claimed to have been abducted by aliens in flying discs and subject to so called medical experiments usually say that they heard the alien's voice in their head but the creature's lips weren't moving. Why is this premise so popular? Some organs in the human body have functions that are either unknown or poorly understood. The human appendix seems to serve no purpose, in adults, except to give you problems if it malfunctions. Most of our DNA's functions are unknown, it is claimed that the figure is over 90%.

mind reading By the way, as an aside, Apes have an appendix but monkeys don't. The appendix does serve a purpose up to the first two years of life. It is a lymphatic tissue gland that prevents infections from entering the young body.
I only mention these things to show that we don't understand everything about our bodies. If we look at our brains, figuratively speaking, we would find that there is a lot about the brain that we don't understand. The frontal lobes seem to control our higher functions, but is this area capable of controlling yet unknown functions? Some people seem to think so.

Theories abound in this area. One interesting one that I heard, I had never really thought about before. It goes this way, when you have empathy for someone you are really feeling their emotions. Their emotions are being broadcast directly to your brain. Could this be true? I would think that the only way that this could be proven would be to put a person, who is under emotional stress, in close proximity to someone without telling them and see if they feel any emotions. The discovery of mirror cells in humans was made a few years back. These brain cells react the same way, whether we are performing an act, or see others perform that same act. But maybe the eyes are the key to all this. It might be that we have to observe someone to feel their emotions so the experiment that I talked about, the one where you move someone to a close unseen position wouldn't be valid.

I have mentioned the fact before that the United States and several other countries employed 'remote viewers' during the cold war. These were people that were able to view events anywhere in the world and sketch them, all without leaving their rooms. Was this a form of mind reading, it would seem so, although this talent seems to have quieted down in the last decade? This doesn't end things however. Some scientists now believe that humans have an untapped talent for mind reading and that any human will be capable of it, when we figure out how to use it.

One of the leading theories on this matter is the Simulation Theory. Put simply it states that when we interact with someone our mirror cells in our brains fire up, and without our realizing it, we are feeling what that person feels and when we see what they are doing it is as if we are doing it. But how do we know that our brains can even broadcast anything? We know because we have proven this fact. Devices have been put into use where paralyzed people can control a computer cursor using nothing more than their brain power. It seems almost impossible but it is a fact. Knowing that the brain can broadcast is half the problem, the other half is can the brain receive? Lets play devil's advocate for awhile and say no. Would this stop us from mind reading? I think I would have to speculate and say it wouldn't. If we can now build a computer that reads brain waves to move a cursor, why couldn't we eventually build a small one that would receive signals and translate them back to speech? For that matter, maybe there is already one built and we don't know about it because it would be top secret. So far it seems that sensors are required to read brain waves, apparently they are very weak. These sensors are worn in a sort of cap like device or implanted in the brain, ouch! I shouldn't say ouch because the brain feels no pain.
Are there a few people that might be able to send out a stronger signal? One person that comes to mind is Adolph Hitler. It is said that crowds were mesmerized by his speeches. Was this because he actually broadcast to the crowd and neither he or the crowd knew it? Imagine a crowd picking up the feelings of a speaker as if they were their own. If this was the case, did it also apply to radio broadcasts of speeches? This could be the reason that Germany went so wrong and started World War II.
I bet most people don't know this but scientists have a machine that enabled them to record images that monkeys saw. These monkeys had electrodes implanted in their brains. During another experiment, mothers were observed with their small babies. It was noticed that some mothers were very adept at reading their babies emotions, was this a form of mind reading?

What about military and paramilitary organization? Scientists at NASA have discovered how to intercept the signals that go to your vocal cords and can interpret them back to words. This requires sensors placed on the neck of the sender. Will a machine be so powerful someday that sensors will no longer be needed and we will just need receivers? Some say that this is not what it seems. They think that it really is sending your thoughts out to the receiver, not just what you were thinking about saying. As I said, the military was experimenting with 'remote viewing' for many years and some of the results were quite promising. Did the military continue mind control experiments? They supposedly transferred the 'remote viewers' to a different agency, but this was not exactly reading minds. One thing I would have to think, is that if we had the ability to read minds, whether by natural or electronic means, we would have used this technology on some of the prisoners we are holding to locate terrorists. That is assuming that we have prisoners who are really terrorists themselves and have information that they are concealing.
We may all be in for a big surprise in the future and it may not be a pleasant one.

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