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2012 Flying Star

The yearly flying stars are the most powerful  of Feng Shui.If made up of good stars, lots of luck is on its way to the occupant of that area. When bad stars rule your areas, then use Curative Gadgets or Preventive Gadgets. Want to know how this will affect you? Please comment on the post here to know yours or email to me.


1 White Star - SOUTH - brings triumph and success

2 Illness Star –NORTH - brings sickness and illness

3 Hostile Star - SOUTHWEST - brings hostility and lawsuits

4 Romance Star - EAST - brings love and scholastic luck

5 Yellow Misfortune Star - SOUTHEAST - brings misfortune and bad luck

6 Heavenly Star - CENTER - brings good fortune

7 Violent Star - NORTHWEST - brings theft, burglary and violence

8 Wealth Star - WEST - brings wealth luck and prosperity

9 Future Prosperity Star - NORTHEAST

2012 Feng Shui Forecast

The year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, which begins on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013

As the Water Year is wealth for the Earth Dragon stronger, this is a mixed-blessing wealth year. Will benefit a Strong Earth Dragon more than a weak Earth Dragon.

  • Birth Element which will enjoy a favorable/unfavorable year etc.
    • Strong Metal, weak Water, weak Wood
    • weak Metal, Strong Wood, weak Fire
  • Compatible Animal Signs
    this year:-
    • Excellent - Rat, Rooster, Monkey
    • Avoid - Tiger Ox, Dog
  • Good Travel Direction
    this year:-
    • Metal - North-West/West
    • Water – North

2012 Flying Star 2012 Flying Star






  • Sickness Star this year is at North
  • Misfortune/Sickness Star this year is at South-East
  • Disputes/Quarrel Star this year is at South-West
  • Education/Romance Star this year is at East
  • Grand Duke this year is East-South-East, 120 Degree.
    - Avoid sitting facing the grand duke or disturbing him by having renovations.
  • Location in Conflict is South.
    - Avoid having renovations done opposite the location in conflict.

Overview of the Chinese New Year

Article Summary: The first day of the first lunar month is the start of the Chinese New Year and this important celebration lasts for fifteen days. The Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China and is also celebrated throughout Asia, not only in China. The Chinese zodiac, a twelve-year cycle, and the heavenly stems, a ten-year cycle, all coincide with the Chinese New Year.

chinese new year The Chinese Year is celebrated on the first day of the first lunar month and lasts for 15 days. The Chinese New Year is the major Chinese holiday and is also celebrated throughout Asia, not only in China. There are two cycles that coincide with the Chinese New Year the twelve-year animal zodiac and the ten-year heavenly stems.
The first Chinese New Year was a celebration due to the banishment of a horrid beast, Nian (translation - Year). Nian would arrive at villages on the first day of the New Year and eat all off the food and people, especially children, as it could. Villagers would leave out food hoping to make it full before it could eat anyone. It was soon discovered that red frightened Nian and red lanterns would be hung out. Soon Nian was scared off for good. This myth is considered the reason for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Traditionally the Chinese New Year uses red lanterns and firecrackers to celebrate.

The period around the Chinese New Year is known as the largest migration time in China as the New Year is a time to visit friends and relatives and many individuals travel to return home and visit with family. The day before the Chinese New Year the home will be cleaned from top to bottom to sweep away the bad luck from the preceding year and welcome in good luck. Other traditions like wearing new clothes and getting a haircut are also included in having a new start.
Specific days of the New Year have specific traditions. The first day of the New Year welcomes the deities of heaven and earth. All meals are prepared a day in advance as knives and lighting fires are considered to be bad luck. The most senior family members are visited on this day. On the second day any married women can visit their birth parents and prayers are sent up to the gods and ancestors.

The third and fourth days of the New Year are not traveling says as it is thought that individuals will argue more easily as well as being respectful to the dead particularly or any family that may have died within the past three years. The fifth day dumplings are traditionally eaten, as this say is the birthday of the Chinese god of wealth.
The seventh day is the commons man birthday and it is on this day that everyone turns one year older. Traditionally a raw fish salad is consumes. On the ninth day individuals will pray to the Jade Emperor of Heaven, as this is his birthday. Offerings of sugarcane are made and tea is drunk to honor a particular chosen individual. On the fifteenth day or last day of the New Year. Is the lantern festival where candles are lit outside homes to guide spirits home.

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Henry KH Fong
Henry Fong Feng Shui Consultant More on Feng Shui Apartment

The Sphinx

It's dead eyes look out over the ageless sands. Sands that saw a great civilization rise out of the nothingness of the desert and become one of the greatest that this world has ever seen. It is the inscrutable Sphinx, an ancient statue with the head of a man and the body of a lion. The giant statue of the Sphinx is sort of the Mona Lisa of statues. The facial expression has intrigued people for thousands of years. It is said that this great monument was built by the Egyptians around 4,500 years ago.

What is a Sphinx?

sphinx egypt It was an ancient mythical beast that symbolized the pharaoh as the incarnation of Ra who was the sun god. Lest you think that only Egypt had a sphinx let me set the record straight. The sphinx was common at the time through out the Middle East and even in Greece.The sphinx didn't always have the respect it garners today. If you look at it, you will notice that the nose is broken off. It is said that Napoleon's Grand Army used it for target practice and knocked the nose off with cannon fire. This may not be true and it may have been the Turks who pried off the nose many hundreds of years before the French Army ever came to Egypt. It is suspected that this was done for religious reasons.


Some people are sure that the Sphinx wasn't really built by the Egyptians. They claim that it is at least 10,000 years old and that the ancient Egyptians respected it and this is why the pyramids were built in the same area. But why would someone say that the Sphinx is this old? Lets start this discussion with the 'sleeping prophet', Edgar Cayce. He was the most accurate prophet of modern times. He would go into a sleep like trance and his secretary would record everything he said. In 1935, while in a trance, he began to talk about the Sphinx. He stated that a hidden cache of records was buried under the paws of the Sphinx by a civilization that had vanished. He claimed that this race had created the Sphinx over 12,500 years ago, which is much further back in the past than the accepted theory.
This isn't the only theory that dates the Sphinx back this far. Some scientists have examined the Sphinx and came to the conclusion that the statue is suffering from water damage that caused erosion. But the region has been dry for over 8,000 years. This would mean that the monument would have to be older than 8,000 years increasing the chance that Cayce could have been right.

Now here is a question for you, if some ancient race was smart enough to build the Sphinx is there any other evidence around that they could have built other things of equal or greater magnitude? To find out the answer to this we have to examine things that are older than 12,500 years., but lets make it 10,000 years because the dates are unsure.

monoliths underwater japan The Monoliths found under the water near the coast of Japan are now believed to be up to 10,000 years old. Unfortunately this is controversy on whether they are man made or created by some freak of nature they just happened to use water that carved steps, platforms, and faces. Science now believes that Stone Age people knew how to make wine, yogurt and cheese so maybe some were a lot more advanced than we previously believed. In Zambia a Manganese mine was found that was over 28,000 years old. Mysterious cement cylinders ranging from 40 to 75 inches in diameter and up to 100 inches long were found on the Isle of Pines. The cement was speckled with iron gravel and silica. The cylinders are believed to be up to 13,000 years old but their purpose hasn't been determined. Stone ovens for cooking were discovered that were over 28,000 years old. They were located in Japan and showed that people of this time were a lot more sophisticated then was ever suspected.
Even if a lost race didn't build the Sphinx, it may have been possible for some ancient peoples to have built it. I only cited a few examples of ancient technology. I could have went on to say that there are thousands of miles of ancient aqueducts under Iran that are old enough to rival the 10,000 year old date for the Sphinx. I could also have said that if you study the positions of the stars 12,500 years ago, it matches the present positions of the pyramids, making their known dates of construction suspect. I didn't mention the pyramids because there is so much overwhelming evidence to indicate that they are dated correctly. Anyone who has watched the History Channel knows this. But it does make you wonder why this coincidence occurs? Could it have been that the pyramids were partially constructed by some superior race who never finished them and the ancient Egyptians did? This might account for the fact of the alignment and perfect angles that seem to be beyond the capabilities of any ancient race. We might have just had the sphinx and several unfinished pyramids in the beginning. This would also account for the evidence showing the Egyptians built the pyramids because they would have partially built them.

The Sphinx faces due east so it can see the rising sun. It is believed that the head was altered several times and that the original head might have been that of a lion. In 1978 two passageways were found, one behind the head the other on the tail. Most of the monument was under the sand until it was completely dug out in 1925. The Sphinx is not built from quarried rock like the pyramids but carved out of the actual bedrock of the area. Sphinx means strangler. The ancient Greeks gave that name to a creature that had the head of a woman, the body of a lion and the wings of a bird. The statue is the largest ever made on site by man. The Sphinx was built along with a temple. and some other structures. The bedrock it is built out of is known as the Muqqatam Formation and is about 50 million years old. The Sphinx is 238 feet long and 66 feet high. The eyes are 6 feet high and the nose would have been almost 5 feet high. When it was built, a scale of about 22:1 was used for the lion's body but the head used a scale of about 30:1. A shaft was drilled behind the head in the 19th century. Since the statue was buried for most of its existence in sand, it was protected from erosion. Now that it is exposed, it is crumbling.

The final word on the Sphinx by Edgar Cayce was that the secret room under it would be discovered in 1998 but this fact wouldn't be shared with the world until many years later.

Kenneth J. McCormick. Ken is the webmaster of About Facts Net. This is an interesting free internet magazine. The articles are suitable for family viewing and often contain photos, video and audio. Copyright © 2005 by About Facts Net and its licensors. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reprint this article if all links are left intact and no changes made. This means that everything including this notice must be copied.

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Near Death Experience

We have all heard of near death experiences. Is there a light that we all head for? Are there guides that appear to take us to our promised reward? Some people say that they have experienced just that. They have seen the light and were drawn out of their bodies and some met relatives who were waiting for them to take them to through the heavenly light.

Does everyone who has a near death experience see the light? Apparently not, one study of 344 patients showed that only 8% to 12 % of survivors of cardiac arrest had near death experiences. I do not understand why a study is not more precise, 8% to 12% ? I guess some of the survivors were not sure if they had near death experiences or not. Strictly speaking, near death experiences, are not recognized by any recognized religion has having to happen. Not everyone refers to the near death experience as a near death experience, but some call it an after death experience. If you define death as the soul leaving the body than this would mean that the soul would have to re-enter the body when you are revived. All this assumes that you believe in a soul.

near death

Some people who have had such experiences have awoken with new abilities that they didn't have before, others experienced horrific things that changed their lives in many cases. So you see not all the experiences were the same for everyone.

A story was reported by a local TV new network of a girl who had her chest crushed in a car accident. She stopped breathing for over three minutes. "My next experience was really lying on the ground outside of the car, and it was actually an out-of-body experience that I had," The woman stated that she was actually floating above the car and she could see everyone working on her.

The British Medical Journal Lancet states that over seven million people have reported such experiences and that after careful study it felt that they were true experiences.

There are many accounts of near death or after death experiences listed on the web. One woman states she had tried to commit suicide by taking pills and was brought to a hospital. She felt herself floating above her body and could look down and see it. She felt herself traveling through a tunnel and met a women who was dressed in white. There were many people there who, she felt, were to stay there forever. She had the feeling that these people were criminals of the worst type. She could feel intense suffering. She woke up in the hospital and from that point on she changed her life for the better.

He was an atheist, but he isn't anymore. He had a near death experience about twenty years ago that changed his life. He died in the hospital but realized that he was standing. He spoke to his wife who was in the room but she didn't answer. He then saw his body in the bed. He could hear voices calling him in the hall. He saw a hazy light but couldn't make out the shape of the people but he followed them. They began to beat him and he struggled. He was surrounded by thousands and they were tearing his flesh off and eating him. He began praying and this enraged the beings who yelled that there was no God. He realized however that they were leaving and God was driving them off. He yelled for Jesus to save him and a light appeared. He saw a being in the light who was about eight feet tall. The being healed his torn body and he was sent back to earth.

With the amount of near death experiences there are, every type of person is affected. A PhD in biology experienced this phenomena and it changed her life forever. She had an out of body experience and she says she was taken to another reality. She stated that it surprised her since her life as a scientist had not trained her for this experience. She also acquired the ability to heal when she returned. She now believes that there is really no death and we just transform from physical to spiritual and there is nothing to fear.

Another man had just recovered from a heart attack and was eating his lunch in his hospital bed when his heart stopped beating. He was shocked for over ten minutes but didn't recover and was declared dead. When the attendant from the morgue came up to get him he suddenly revived. He had been dead for over twenty minutes. When he awoke his personality was completely changed. He became very spiritual and helpful and wrote a couple of books about his experience.

Near death experience is nothing new. People were telling other people about this for thousands of years. The funny part of this is that many of the stories that were told back then were similar to the stories being told now. There is a story that is said to come from the 700s where a man who had died suddenly came back to life. He told those who were around him that he had seen a light and that a handsome man was guiding him. He said that he must now live a different life.

Is it a coincidence that so many that report of this experience report the same thing? When asked about this some neurologists were of the opinion that when one dies certain synapses in the brain fire causing the sensation of light, but this really doesn't explain the rest of the story, such as the guide, the floating, knowing what happened after you died, etc. No doubt there is something to this, but there will always be people who will reticule those who believe it. Near death experiences are sometimes treated the same as UFO abductions. As I said before, over seven million people had reported having this experience and who knows how many others had it but didn't report it. Can they all be lying, crazy or frauds?

By Kenneth J. McCormick. Ken is the webmaster of About Facts Net. This is an interesting free internet magazine. The articles are suitable for family viewing and often contain photos, video and audio. Copyright © 2005 by About Facts Net and its licensors. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reprint this article if all links are left intact and no changes made. This means that everything including this notice must be copied.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the hot topic on many boards today. It is also the hot topic in many laboratories and software houses. The military is trying to harness it to replace humans, the game houses are trying to control it to make games more realistic and the appliance makers and homebuilders are trying to perfect it to make our lives easier. One of the great questions is, is artificial intelligence a good thing? It sure seems like it, doesn't it?

What is artificial intelligence life?

artifical intelligence life Imagine coming home from a rough day at the office and your intelligent washer and dryer have not only washed and dried your clothes, but folded them as well. You meal is waiting for you, but it was not prepared by human hands, instead your intelligent refrigerator has sent food to your oven which cooked it for you. You TV has turned itself on and switched to your favorite station, so you might enjoy your meal with your favorite program. When you are done eating, the dishes are collected by a robotic machine and put into the dishwasher. An intelligent vacuum cleaner comes out and cleans the area where you were eating so that any crumbs that might have fallen were picked up immediately.

You decide you want to talk to a few friends, so you tell your television that you want to make some phone calls and it connects you to several people at the same time creating a conference call, except you can see each person in a square on the TV. You talk for a while and then hang up. You feel like playing a game so you tell the TV and it replies," Name of Game Please and Play Human or Me?" If you decide to play a human you are immediately connected to the internet, if not, you are about to play one of the toughest opponents, the computer which is integrated into your TV. Oh look, here comes the dog, a dog you never have to feed. It is the Sony dog, a slick little robotic dog that acts much like a real dog. You play with it for a while, but you get the urge. Into the bathroom you go. The toilet will examine all your waste products and if anything is wrong it will contact your doctor right away. Now you decide to go to bed and enter a room where clouds sail over the ceiling. You lay down and a soothing voice asks "What time shall I wake you and what sounds would you like to hear?" You tell the voice (it really is part of the computer in your TV) to wake you at 7:00 am and to play ocean sounds for 10 minutes.

Does all this sound good?

Much of the above exists already. As we create smarter and smarter devices are we getting near creating life? At what point does something become aware? Can a computer ever become so smart that it is a living being? Some people think that we are nothing more than organic computers that were programmed and offer our genes as proof. One of the problems that exist today is how to tell if something is truly alive. If we were to build the perfect robot that could interact with humans without being detected as a machine, would it be considered alive? Many would say yes and many would say no. The yes people would say that because the robot can make decisions on its own that are the equivalent of decisions that a human would make than it must be alive. The no people would argue that it is simply following a program created by man and it is a machine without a soul.

If we taught an animal to react a certain way under certain conditions would this mean he was programmed and not alive? If we offer our dog a bone but only give it to him if he sits up and begs does this mean he is not alive but programmed? It seems that programming is not exclusive to life or self-awareness. Some says that computers are just a bunch of electrical circuits. I would have to remind them that without electricity the human body would be just a pile of skin, bones and organs. It seems that we have now eliminated electricity as being a reason to deny life to machines. Then there are those that say that computers are not alive because they only know what is programmed into them.

I would have to remind these people that there are dynamic programs out there that allow machines to learn on their own. After all, isn't that the way we learn, we are programmed (school) and we also learn some things on our own (dynamic programming)? Neural networks are developing that mimic the behavior of our human brains. Computer 'creatures' have been created that can learn, age, procreate and finally die. Of course these creatures are very primitive by our standards.
Life certainly is not easy to define. Webster's Dictionary states that life is "The quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body." It would seem that the Webster people considered only organic beings as being capable of life since they decided that a dead body was necessary for non-life. Yet there is a second definition by Webster that states that life is a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings. Being animate is now made a requirement for life.

Both the Soviet Union and the United States had built, during the cold war, what at the time were considered super computers that could make split second decisions on whether to launch missiles against countries which had launched missiles against them and both systems proved to be flawed. This proved that it is not so easy to teach a machine how to be able to plan for every contingency. We have advanced quite a bit from those days. Now many of us have more powerful computers on our desks then those super computers of old. At some point we are going to be able to communicate with our computers the same way we communicate with another human. When this happens, what will we have? If we can actually get an intelligent conversation out of our computer then, at least, some people may begin to wonder what we have created. Imagine that someday you want to remove a part from the computer for use somewhere else and the computer complains. Will you feel that maybe the computer is becoming self-aware?

Now here is a question that really shakes things up. If we are able someday to download the contents of a human brain into a machine, will that machine become self aware, in other words, will it be alive? Just think of it, a machine that acts just like you. This may be much more far fetched, but what if we could download the contents of an intelligent machine into a human brain, would that person cease to be human and living? We would probably still have to consider him alive since the organic functions were still operating. I guess as time goes by we are getting closer and closer to machine life and someday someone will have to decide if machine life is really life at all.
Copyright © 2004 by About Facts Net and its licensors. All rights reserved. Ken is the webmaster of About Facts Net. This is an interesting free internet magazine. The articles are suitable for family viewing and often contain photos, video and audio. Permission is granted to copy this article if it is published unchanged and all links are kept intact. That means that everything including this notice, including this notice must be copied.

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Mysterious Finds In Maine

Apparently the stories of a mystery beast hunting in the woods of Maine for years might just turn out to be true. Every place has these stories, they could refer to all sorts of strange animals. Some refer to Big Foot, others refer to the Chupacabra, also known as the Goat Sucker and there are many others, but it doesn't matter, because there are enough of these supposed mysterious animals to go around. One tends to take these sightings with a grain of salt. The reason we are so fascinated with them is that there is always the chance that one may really exist. It could be some sort of missing link or maybe an animal that got out of some isolated area where it lasted for millions of years unchanged. The thought is quite intriguing. There it was laying on the roadside. A lowly automobile had ended it's life. Most of it's head was gone and what was left of it's body was pretty badly decayed.

mystery maine A woman had seen it laying in the road and couldn't recognize it as any animal she had ever seen. She called upon a reporter to take a look. He did and felt that this could be the mysterious animal said to be terrorizing people in the woods for many years. Other sightings of a dead, dog like animal have been found in the past in this area. I remember one scientist stating that sometimes what you think you are seeing is not what you are really seeing. Of course he was referring to rotting sea creatures that looked like dinosaurs. This had been caused by the loss of flesh and the jaws dropping off. In truth the creatures were a certain type of shark. The point is that something can rot to a point where it looks like something \completely different than what it is. The creature in the woods was not a killer of people, rather it liked to kill dogs. I am not talking about tiny dogs, I am talking about any dogs, no matter what size. The animal wouldn't think twice about killing a Doberman. The creature had been sighted by many people, but each stated that they just couldn't identify it.

A large Collie Shepherd mix was found bleeding and mauled. It had a 10 inch gash across it's throat. When it was examined by a vet, he came to the conclusion that a wild animal had attacked the dog. The hospital where the dog was recovering said that whatever it was, was Big and Bad. Some even guessed that a Big Foot had attacked the dog, others thought that maybe a large cat of some kind was in the area, perhaps a cougar type animal. One man, after reading about the attack, stated that he though it was the Jersey Devil, another mythical creature said to inhabit the Pinelands of New Jersey. That legend goes back some 260 years. This creature is more paranormal than anything else. It is said to come from the birth of a human who made a deal with the devil.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be driving along a deserted road and all of a sudden something runs in front of your car. You can't see what it is, because everything happens so fast. You run it over and get out of your vehicle only to discover that you have killed a creature of legend. You have just run over a creature that is often talked about, but never seen. I wonder how you would feel, especially if it was human like, like say a Big Foot? One thing is for sure, you would become one of the most famous people in the country. Apparently the person that ran over the creature we are talking about didn't think much of it, because it seems that they just kept going. Even if they got out of their car or truck and looked at it, they certainly didn't think it was anything special at the time. Some say that the deceased creature had horns. I think that this was an illusion caused by the rotting process, but they were firm in their opinion. Others thought that the creature was a genetic freak of nature and still others thought it was a mixture of a couple of different animals such as a hyena, dingo or coyote which might have even been mixed with some dog. Wow this sounds freaky. What I mean is that it sounds so outrageous that these different animals would mate with each other, but I guess anything is possible. I wonder what a Hyenadog would look like or a coydingo or even a dingodog.

animal with glow eye There are people claiming that this mysterious animal has eyes that glowed in the dark and that it emitted a terrible cry. So what do you do if you find the remains of an animal that you suspect to be unknown to science? Well you might send the remains to a crypto zoologist. They are the scientists that deal with * "the study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals (as Sasquatch) usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence." So guess what happened to the remains of this creature? Yes you are right, they sent them to a crypto zoologist, good guess. He examined the remains very carefully and came up with an answer that he felt was the correct one. He said that the remains could be that of a Chow. In case you don't know what a Chow is, it is a dog, a breed of dog that was bred to not only be a working dog, but a dog that was capable of surviving in a hostile environment. The Chow or Chow Chow as it is known is a very hard dog to train. It doesn't have the desire to please as do most dogs.

The Chow is a very powerful dog. I remember hearing stories when I was a kid about people being attacked by Chows. So there you have it, the great mystery beast was only a dog, but wait, another crypto zoologist, after looking at photos of the animals remains thinks differently. He claims that the animal is a rare black wolf from Canada. Well even if this is true, there is certainly nothing mysterious about it. I guess we will just have to wait and see if a mysterious animal is ever really found in he region. *Definition from Webster's Dictionary online.

By Kenneth J. McCormick – Copyright © 2007 by About Facts Net and its licensors. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reproduce this article if no changes are made and all links, if any, remain intact.

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Speculation about Our Universe

Here I am discussing the formation of the universe again. It's a subject that is fascinating because of all its implications. Tied deeply into this is the age of the universe. But there may be even a bigger question and that is, does age have any relevance when speaking about the universe? You may wonder why I would say something like this. It is astronomical blasphemy. Every astronomer worth his salt talks about seeing back to the beginning of the formation of the universe with telescopes and how we may someday be able to see back to the exact beginning and here I am, mister nobody, saying that they may all be wrong.

Astronomical Blasphemy

universe big bang astronomical blasphemy

Let’s look at why I am saying this. We, as mere mortals, really have no idea if the universe has formed before, or for that matter, if it has, how many times. There is a theory that states that we live in an osculating universe. That there was a big bang and matter that was blown out created the stars and galaxies along with the other bodies. It goes on to state further that someday these bodies, which it says are speeding away from each other at a great rate of speed, will begin to slow down and then they will begin to fall back in on themselves until they become one huge mass and then explode again, causing the process to start over. If this goes on over and over, does time have any relevance when we talk of the age of the universe? If this theory is correct then how could we possibly ever know how many times this expansion has occurred or the true age of the universe? The best we could hope for would be to know the time that has passed since the last big bang.

It may turn out that what we think of as the universe is only a tiny piece of a much larger object. I once saw a story on TV about a scientist finding out that we were really living in a gigantic cell in a creature that was made up of billions of these cells. Hey I know this was only a story, but you never really know. Wouldn't it be something if we reached the end of what we thought of as our universe and found another one, then another and so forth? That may not be so far fetched. If that is the case then we may not be able to tell how the universe was formed, only our little part of it.

Some scientists today believe that there was a big bang but the expansion of the universe will go on forever. Every object will speed away from the next until the universe is a dark and cold place. They think this because they believe that there is not enough matter to slow down the expansion. But most scientists believe in dark matter and they believe that most of the universe is composed of it. The theory goes on to say that it will be the dark matter that will eventually get the expansion to slow down, stop and reverse.

Astronomers believe that they have discovered ripples in space that precede any creation of matter. They state that this discovery proves that there was a big bang. Astronomers used to believe that space all had the same temperature. I am not talking about space right next to a sun but deep space. It wasn't until COBE, the Cosmic Background Explorer was launched in the 1990s that they found out that they were wrong. There were variations in temperature detected. But not all discoveries have been good for theorists. For many years scientists have believed in the red shift. Simply stated, as objects speed further away their light shifts to the red end of the spectrum. This is used to also judge their distance. Here is where the monkey wrench comes in.

Recently one of the farthermost galaxies ever discovered showed up as old not young, but the further out we see, the further back in time we are looking because light takes so long to reach us. So how could this extremely distant galaxy be old? This is a good question. No one has the answer right now; I think they are still all in a state of shock. The implications are that the red shift measurements may not be accurate for every galaxy, maybe a galaxy aged extremely fast for some reason, or maybe there are old galaxies way out there.

I like the idea that there may be old galaxies near, what we think is the beginning of our universe. I like it because things may turn out completely different than we thought they were. Maybe we observed the tail end of an adjourning universe and we will find more old galaxies. Another thing, who says there is a law that states that there was only one big bang in one area? I know that Einstein said that the universe was curved and if a beam of light is sent out into space that it will eventually return to the point of origin due to this curve but it does make you wonder, doesn't it? What is this barrier that won't allow you outside the curve? Why couldn't I take a spacecraft with a computer and chart a course that just keeps going straight out? I have a very hard time with this one.

Another thing that I wonder about is physics. Are the laws of physics the same throughout the universe? Maybe parts of the universe formed differently than other parts even though they look similar through a telescope. If I go onto a planet in another galaxy is it possible that gravity may work differently? I drop that apple from a tree and it travels sideways. Scientists would laugh at me for proposing this but I believe that they shouldn't be too sure of things. There is so much out there that we won't understand for a long time or maybe never. What if it turns out that the laws of nature are different in our galaxy than any of the others? That would be a shocker. We might even find life that is not carbon based.

When you think about the universe there is just so much to ponder. It truly makes you feel insignificant.

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Telepathy and Remote viewing

By Kenneth J. McCormick

What is Telepathy?

telepathy It used to be said that it was the ability of a person to send or receive a message from one person to another using only his or her mental powers. Today with the addition of remote viewing, a better definition is the ability of a person to use their mind to travel through time and space and observe data without leaving their location.



Remote viewing started with the government's SCANATE Program. Other names it has been known by are INSCOM, CENTER LANE, STAR GATE PROGRAM, SUN STREAK OR GRILL FRAME, all of which were similar programs by mostly different agencies. Basically the U.S. Government got scared when it heard that the Russians were training telepaths to be used in spying. We decided to start our own program and try and use it to assess the progress of other governments using remote viewing.
During a remote viewing training session a student was told to draw a representation of the picture the instructor had looked at. He drew almost the exact picture that was viewed by the instructor. Judging by the amount of money the Russians were spending on their remote viewing program, the U.S. Government really began to worry. It looked to our government that the Russians must be meeting with some amount of success or they wouldn't spend such large sums. We didn't really believe in remote viewing in the beginning but we couldn't take the chance and let the Russians get ahead of us in this area.
During a remote viewing session the viewer draws several pictures over a period of time to refine his vision. An exercise was conducted using Stonehenge as the target picture, which was viewed by someone and the drawings by the viewer who never saw the picture. An English Remote Viewer was able to draw Stonehenge using the thoughts of the viewer.

SCANATE stands for scan by coordinate and it was funded by the CIA in 1970. Research began a couple of years later in 1972 at Stanford Research Institute in California. The researchers had decided to focus on a few really gifted people. The best of the best was Ingo Swann. A footnote here, many of the telepaths were from the Church of Scientology. An accuracy rate of 85% was considered as the minimum with a rate of up to 95% being reached. By the mid 1970s all of the branches of the service were using remote viewers. In 1978 the US Army established GRILL FLAME, their own remote viewing project at Fort Meade, Md. In 1983 the program was renamed INSCOM CENTER LANE PROJECT. Ingo Swann and Harold Puthoff developed methods of training that they insisted would allow anyone to learn remote viewing. In 1984 reporter Jack Anderson broke the story. The US Army funding ended in 1985 and the program was transferred to the DIA and renamed SUN STREAK. In 1991 the program was again transferred but this time to Science Applications International Corporation and renamed STAR GATE.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident where a ufo landed and was seen by US military forces was the focus of this remove viewing session. The remote viewers were able to draw the area and the ufo.
The program had a total of 23 remote viewers that were known and a total of $20 million was spent on STAR GATE. Other government agencies could request telepaths and they were made available. By the way, this is why some people believe that a star gate actually exists today.

Three known types of viewing

Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) - the SRI-developed technique in which viewers were asked what they "saw" at specified geographic coordinates
Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) - a meditative method
Written Remote Viewing (WRV) - automatic writing and channeling was introduced in 1988, though it proved controversial and was regarded by some as much less reliable.
There were some successes but most of the data could not be verified. Some of the successes were:
Descriptions of Russian Subs being built that were sited 4 months later. Joe McMoneagle's (retired intelligence officer) success rate at finding targets. The sighting at Semipalatinsk, the Russian nuclear testing area. Locating kidnapped BG James L. Dozier, who had been kidnapped by the Red Brigades in Italy in 1981. Marine Corps Col. William Higgins was being held in Lebanon. A remote viewer stated that Higgins was in a specific building in a specific South Lebanon village, and a released hostage was later said to have claimed that Higgins had probably been in that building at that time. During the Gulf War remote-viewers were reported to have suggested Saddam Hussein's location.

In the 1990 the program produced very poor results and in 1995 it was transferred to the CIA, which was ordered to review it. A recommendation of termination of the program saw the end of the program.

Ken is the webmaster of About Facts Net. This is an interesting free internet magazine. The articles are suitable for family viewing and often contain photos, video and audio.

Copyright © 2005 by About Facts Net and its licensors. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reprint this article if all links are left intact and no changes made. This means that everything including this notice must be copied.

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Mind Reading and sixth sense

By Kenneth J. McCormick

Have you ever noticed that in science fiction every alien can read minds? I wonder why this is? It makes us as humans seem a little under developed, doesn't it? It isn't only science fiction that refers to this mind reading. People who have claimed to have been abducted by aliens in flying discs and subject to so called medical experiments usually say that they heard the alien's voice in their head but the creature's lips weren't moving. Why is this premise so popular? Some organs in the human body have functions that are either unknown or poorly understood. The human appendix seems to serve no purpose, in adults, except to give you problems if it malfunctions. Most of our DNA's functions are unknown, it is claimed that the figure is over 90%.

mind reading By the way, as an aside, Apes have an appendix but monkeys don't. The appendix does serve a purpose up to the first two years of life. It is a lymphatic tissue gland that prevents infections from entering the young body.
I only mention these things to show that we don't understand everything about our bodies. If we look at our brains, figuratively speaking, we would find that there is a lot about the brain that we don't understand. The frontal lobes seem to control our higher functions, but is this area capable of controlling yet unknown functions? Some people seem to think so.

Theories abound in this area. One interesting one that I heard, I had never really thought about before. It goes this way, when you have empathy for someone you are really feeling their emotions. Their emotions are being broadcast directly to your brain. Could this be true? I would think that the only way that this could be proven would be to put a person, who is under emotional stress, in close proximity to someone without telling them and see if they feel any emotions. The discovery of mirror cells in humans was made a few years back. These brain cells react the same way, whether we are performing an act, or see others perform that same act. But maybe the eyes are the key to all this. It might be that we have to observe someone to feel their emotions so the experiment that I talked about, the one where you move someone to a close unseen position wouldn't be valid.

I have mentioned the fact before that the United States and several other countries employed 'remote viewers' during the cold war. These were people that were able to view events anywhere in the world and sketch them, all without leaving their rooms. Was this a form of mind reading, it would seem so, although this talent seems to have quieted down in the last decade? This doesn't end things however. Some scientists now believe that humans have an untapped talent for mind reading and that any human will be capable of it, when we figure out how to use it.

One of the leading theories on this matter is the Simulation Theory. Put simply it states that when we interact with someone our mirror cells in our brains fire up, and without our realizing it, we are feeling what that person feels and when we see what they are doing it is as if we are doing it. But how do we know that our brains can even broadcast anything? We know because we have proven this fact. Devices have been put into use where paralyzed people can control a computer cursor using nothing more than their brain power. It seems almost impossible but it is a fact. Knowing that the brain can broadcast is half the problem, the other half is can the brain receive? Lets play devil's advocate for awhile and say no. Would this stop us from mind reading? I think I would have to speculate and say it wouldn't. If we can now build a computer that reads brain waves to move a cursor, why couldn't we eventually build a small one that would receive signals and translate them back to speech? For that matter, maybe there is already one built and we don't know about it because it would be top secret. So far it seems that sensors are required to read brain waves, apparently they are very weak. These sensors are worn in a sort of cap like device or implanted in the brain, ouch! I shouldn't say ouch because the brain feels no pain.
Are there a few people that might be able to send out a stronger signal? One person that comes to mind is Adolph Hitler. It is said that crowds were mesmerized by his speeches. Was this because he actually broadcast to the crowd and neither he or the crowd knew it? Imagine a crowd picking up the feelings of a speaker as if they were their own. If this was the case, did it also apply to radio broadcasts of speeches? This could be the reason that Germany went so wrong and started World War II.
I bet most people don't know this but scientists have a machine that enabled them to record images that monkeys saw. These monkeys had electrodes implanted in their brains. During another experiment, mothers were observed with their small babies. It was noticed that some mothers were very adept at reading their babies emotions, was this a form of mind reading?

What about military and paramilitary organization? Scientists at NASA have discovered how to intercept the signals that go to your vocal cords and can interpret them back to words. This requires sensors placed on the neck of the sender. Will a machine be so powerful someday that sensors will no longer be needed and we will just need receivers? Some say that this is not what it seems. They think that it really is sending your thoughts out to the receiver, not just what you were thinking about saying. As I said, the military was experimenting with 'remote viewing' for many years and some of the results were quite promising. Did the military continue mind control experiments? They supposedly transferred the 'remote viewers' to a different agency, but this was not exactly reading minds. One thing I would have to think, is that if we had the ability to read minds, whether by natural or electronic means, we would have used this technology on some of the prisoners we are holding to locate terrorists. That is assuming that we have prisoners who are really terrorists themselves and have information that they are concealing.
We may all be in for a big surprise in the future and it may not be a pleasant one.

Ken is the webmaster of About Facts Net. This is an interesting free internet magazine. The articles are suitable for family viewing and often contain photos, video and audio.Copyright © 2005 by About Facts Net and its licensors. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to reprint this article if all links are left intact and no changes made. This means that everything including this notice must be copied.

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Depending on the direction of the front door, you can identify the area that need enrichment and then install either curative or enhancer feng shui gadgets. You must establish the need of a gadget in an area after analyzing the existing experience. If you have issues related to Fame, then you a may try to fix curative gadgets in the southwest. Please note that this may not be applicable to another house with front door to a different direction.   


front door facing south

Prosperity in south

Fame in southwest

Family happiness in west

Luck of children in northwest

Helpful people in north

Career in northeast

Education in east

Health in southeast

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Feng shui is not much focused on the importance of front door and the position. But according to the position of front door, the other directions of that house or flat or mansion have some peculiarities. Depending on the directionality, you can identify the area that need enrichment and then install either curative or enhancer feng shui gadgets. You must establish the need of a gadget in an area after analyzing the existing experience. For example, if you have issues related to Marriage, then you a may try to fix curative gadgets in the north. Please note that this may not be applicable to another house with front door to a different direction.   


front door facing west

Prosperity in west

Fame in northwest

Martial happiness in north

Luck of children in northeast

Helpful people in east

Career in southeast

Education in south

Health in southeast


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In Fengshui, according to the position of front door, the other directions of that house or flat or mansion have some peculiarities. Depending on the directionality, you can identify the area that need enrichment and then install either curative or enhancer feng shui gadgets. You must establish the need of a gadget in an area after analyzing the existing experience. For example, if you have issues related to Family happiness, then you a may try to fix curative gadgets in the east direction. Please note that this may not be applicable to another house with front door to a different direction. 



Prosperity in north

Fame in northeast

Family happiness in east

Luck of children in southeast

Helpful people in south

Career in southwest

Education in west

Health in northwest


More to fix:


Are you struggling to find a solution for your problem even after fixing a FengShui Gadget according to any Feng Shui master. Just try this one. Depending on the directionality, you can identify the area that need enrichment and then install either curative or enhancer fengshui gadgets. You must establish the need of a gadget in an area after analyzing the existing experience. For example, if you have issues related to Prosperity, then you a may try to fix curative gadgets in the east direction.


front door facing east

Prosperity in east

Fame in southeast

Family happiness in south

Children in southwest

Helpful people in west

Career in northwest

Education in north

Health in northeast

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Traditional Chinese sailing ships Gadgets

The traditional sailing ships are one of the main prosperity Chinese symbols. Actually, these objects are the most known symbols after dragons in the Chinese culture. Just like dragons, they can be seen in most Chinese buildings and houses as traditional objects as well as prosperity amulets. They not only symbolize prosperity but also are very auspicious for goal achievements and happiness in general, and can help us attracting such benefits into our homes.One of the most usual ways these sailing ships are represented is carrying gold coins and gold ingots. Actually, the tradition says they should contain as many richness and wealth symbols as possible, since sailing ships carrying such items symbolize the ship transporting richness and money into the house or towards the place where they are. Besides, the way by which the sails hold the air and the wind has great symbolism as well. The sails holding the wind symbolize problems being stopped from entering the house, and this way the sailing ship helps those around it keeping problems away from them.

FENGSHUI SAILING SHIP GADGETThere are specific indications on how and where the sailing ships should be placed. Sailing ships should be inside the house and next to the main door. If it is in your working space, it should also be inside it and right next to the door. Besides, it is important that it is facing inside symbolizing that it carries prosperity into your space. If it is pointing outside, it might produce the opposite effect and send prosperity away.

If the door is at the northwest or west of the building, the sailing ship you choose should be made of metal in order to create harmony for that area. On the other hand, if the door is at the east or southeast, your sailing ship should be made of wood; and if the door is at the northeast or southwest you should place a crystal ship next to it. By following these indications, you would not only be attracting prosperity into the wished space, but also applying feng shui principles and creating balance between the main elements.

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Symbolism of double fish

In Feng shui and for oriental traditions, the fish is a very symbolic creature which represents abundance and wealth. Having fishes in the kitchen is a great way of helping abundance and provisions to be always present in the house. Feng shui practitioners recommend having fishes and double fishes in the kitchen or the living room in order to make sure that those who inhabit the house will always have what they need.Yu, which means fish, phonetically matches the word for abundance, which might be a coincidence but is very symbolic as well. It is very common to see objects representing fishes in many Chinese houses, most of the times in the kitchen but sometimes in the living rooms as well.

fengshui fish Fishes are abundant in the sea and provide us an unlimited source of nourishment and supplies. It is a natural source of human sustenance which can be found in abundant amounts. Therefore, they are an abundant creature itself and its symbolism might be highly due to this aspect of their nature.

Besides all what was mentioned above, a fish is also seen as a symbol of fertility. Fishes have notable abilities for reproduction which makes them an ideal icon for symbolizing fertility. They are always together and travel as a team which makes them also symbolize unity and marriage.

A fish is also a symbol of life renewal. This creature survives all times and époques and is always there for other beings to nurture from them. They are constantly renewing and giving birth to next generations, and this is seen by the oriental cultures as a great symbol of life preservation and regeneration. They show strength and are seen as representing a power for restoration and revival as well as rejuvenation and the power of continuation through time.

Double fishes represent unity, marriage and abundance not only in food provisions but also in children and family in general. Having double fishes in the living room or the room in which the family gathers to eat is a great way of assuring abundance in all aspects and for all the family members.

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Use Wind Chimes in Feng Shui For Career Advancement

In Black Sect Feng Shui, we use wind chimes for a number of cures. The right sounds can effectively adjust the chi of a space, promoting positive attention and improving our mood. You can affect different areas of your life -- including your career and your reputation -- by hanging wind chimes in different rooms.Additionally, wind chimes hung between a front door and a staircase, which may result in money rapidly leaving a home, can slow the flow of chi and improve your finances.

Ken Lauher PhotoAbout Author
The author of this article knows all about the great benefits of Feng Shui. He knows how to place yourself in command position. He has written many articles on Feng Shui Tips based on his great knowledge.


Any wind chimes you select to hang for a Feng Shui cure should:

wind chimes original

- have metal tubes that produce a clean, sweet, clear sound

- use five tubes to represent the Five Element Processes

- be pleasing for you to look at and not out of place with your home's decor

Let's look at how wind chimes can help you improve the different areas of your life, including your:

- Career

- Fame & Reputation

- Energy

- Income

- Wisdom

- Relationships with Others

Fame: Wind chimes can help enhance your reputation and promote career growth by calling attention to the gifts you have to offer the world.

Wisdom: Wind chimes hung in the wisdom and learning portion of the trigram (when you lay the ba gua over a single room or your whole house) can promote clear thinking and improve your intellect.

Career: If you lack energy, even after waking up from a full night's sleep, and have already ensured your bed is in the command position of the room, hang wind chimes in the center of your bedroom. This can help fight depression and give you the energy to pursue your goals.

Relationships with others: A view of your stove from the front door creates dangerous chi that could provoke fights, arguments, accidents and also negatively affect your family's health. Place wind chimes at the front door or over the stove -- or anywhere between the door and the stove -- to counteract these negative affects.

As you can see, since all areas of our lives are tied together, hanging wind chimes in certain areas of your home can enhance your career, fame, reputation, relationships with others, and even increase your income.

Other Sounds to Adjust the Chi in Your Home
You can also introduce other sounds into your home to adjust the chi.



Playing music (different types according to your mood)


Hosting friends for a karaoke party enlivens a space

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