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I was quite surprised hearing an octopus predicting the results of World Cup foot ball. An Octopus, named Paul, or Psycho Paul which was born in the UK and was moved to the Sea Life Aquarium in the western German city of Oberhausen. Paul correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup games, including the defeat by Serbia in the group stages and the wipeout by Spain. His owners claim that his previous records in predicting results are also quite amazing.

How Paul predicts:

PSYCHO PAUL OCTOPUSPaul predicts by choosing a mussel from one of two boxes bearing the flags of the nations  that are participating in the match.

Paul predicted that Germany will win the third place.

Paul also favored Spanish victory in 2010 FIFA world cup

His prediction and ways of prediction were telecasted several times by various media all around the world.

Psycho Paul Prediction scam:

One of my friend working in leading International News Agency, explained me some points about the possibilities of a Scam in Paul Predictions. The point of doubt was towards bookies who are trying to win a Bet in Soccer betting world. Recently a Big Bull lost tons of Euro in betting.

How Paul helps betting

Betting Agencies are trying to establish that whatever Paul predicts will be correct. They are trying to prove this allover the world through the stunning prediction results of Paul. Bookies even played big role in the knockout of Brazil and Germany. Now they are targeting the glorious Final match.

The defeat of Germany by Spain and the prediction by Paul actually made all soccer lovers to believe that Paul's prediction on final match also will be correct. This will result in huge betting on Spanish side. If Spain fail, then the opposite betting will earn tremendous amount of money, which bookies aim to make it happen.

The live telecast of Paul's prediction was another drama. The box in which Paul selects a mussel was prefilled with “Pheromones” to attract Paul. Paul moves to the box, collects the Mussel and all of us believe that Paul showed Spain as the winner. Remember, Octopus have excellent sight, smell and touch. Each of their suckers has small and touch sensors capable of identifying even the smallest of scents or hints of a food source.

My friend suggested me to wait till finals to prove that this is a real Scam. If Spain loses the match, then we can make sure that this is just a scam to get more betting on Spain side.

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