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        2010 is a Golden Tiger (庚寅年) year. This Golden Tiger year begins from Feb 4th, 2010 and ends on Feb 3rd, 2011. 2010 year of Golden Tiger has the Geng (庚) Metal element as Heavenly-Stem, and the Yin (寅) Wood element as its Earthly-Branch. 2010 could be a disaster year when considering the facts that Heaven clashes Earth.

2010 Business Forecast

feng shui business

After strong analysis of Feng Shui,

the following business areas will nourish and new ventures can be started in these areas:

  1. Electronic related business, entertainment, gaming etc
  2. petroleum-based products
  3. Electrical related business
  4. Information technology and telecommunications
  5. Earth related food and beverage, 
  6. Fertilizer industry
  7. Real estate business
  8. Gold and  steel business

The following business areas will be in trouble:

  1. Education
  2. Politics
  3. Charity
  4. Freelance jobs

Financial sectors will face much improvement. A special recovery can be seen in Stock markets. Gold and petrol prices will continue to go up. Gold will face little retracement after the middle of the Year.

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Liam Carriedo said...

Its more better to be careful in order to succeed in our goals as an investor. We have to work hard and make sure that our real estate is well taken care of. Start well and never look back on what we have failed to do instead try to work things out and deliver the best out of our business.

Real Estate Investments

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