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Laughing Buddha and Feng Shui

Laughing Buddha is also known as Buddha of Happiness or Matreiya in Buddhism. Legend has it that nothing would make this Buddha happier to see people’s problem, worries and sadness transform into happiness. It is said that his inner smile is so strong that it radiates throughout his entire face. He brings happiness wherever he goes. The Laughing Buddha is a well known symbol of wealth, happiness, innocent and contended joy; just looking at his jolly face will cheer you up. It is believed by rubbing his belly, which is said to contain much wealth, it will bring good luck and prosperity to all in the home and the bigger his round tummy, the more auspicious the image.

LAUGHING BUDDHAThis wonderfully jolly deity is one of the most beloved of Buddha images he can be seen in almost every Chinese households and restaurants throughout the world. The Laughing Buddha is also known as the Buddha of Wealth, usually depicted carrying wealth symbols such as pots of gold, large ingots and a sack believed to contain treasures. He sometimes carry a "wu lou" (gourd), a symbol of good health and longevity.

Here is how you can use Laughing Buddhas to Feng Shui your way to a better life:

1. A good place to put the Laughing Buddha is in the living room, preferably facing the front door to harness good fortune while staving off bad luck, to bring in harmony and take away quarrellings, to absorb negative Chi and emanate auspicious energies.

2. Display the Laughing Buddha on the dashboard of your car. He will pick up your problems, stuff them into his sack and transform them into happiness. That will take the load off your mind so that you can focus on driving, and reach your destination safe and sound.

3. The Laughing Buddha may also be placed on the study desk to take away pressure and stress, as well as to assist the student towards fulfilling academic goals.

4. Place the Laughing Buddha in your office table or reception’s area of your shop to bring wealth luck and harmony as well as to prevent backstabbing.

5. The Laughing Buddha is an excellent antidote for Three Killings which brings sickness, financial loss and accidents.

6. In Flying Star Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha made from metal (brass, bronze etc) can be used to ward-off the evil influences of the malignant #5 yellow star and #2 black star. The #2 black star is also known as the ‘Sickness Star’ which brings illnesses and ailments to occupants while the #5 yellow star is the ‘Disaster Star’ that instigates fights, accidents and death. Placing the Laughing Buddha in the affected sectors will dilute these adverse energies.

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Guest Article by Author: Jenny Lin

About the AuthorJenny Lin is the author of Feng Shui Products for a Better Life, an online Feng Shui Shop offering a wide variety of Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Statues.

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A powerful symbol of protection that protects you from  fire, accidents inside the house, falls etc. This gadget help to provide protection against violence inside the house, some people with enemity, etc. These  Keiloon statues are available in pairs made up of copper, terracota and silver. One Keiloon the male is keeping its paw on the globe showing victory over worldly matters.The other male is holding its cub.In Chinese culture,figure with cub represents happiness and prosperity.



Keiloon Statute gadget is effective as PREVENTIVE or PROTECTIVE Gadget. This Gadget found to be useful provide protection against violence inside the house, some people with enemity, and possible accidents inside a home.


The keiloon statues are intended for use inside a building, near the main door.


One Keiloon the male is keeping its paw on the globe showing victory over worldly matters.The other male is holding its cub.In Chinese culture,figure with cub represents happiness and prosperity.

  • Never keep Fengshui Keiloon Statute gadget in Bedroom as it may bring more sadness to your life
  • Never keep Fengshui Keiloon Statute gadget outside house.
  • Use Keiloon statues made up of Silver gives better results than others. 

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    I was quite surprised hearing an octopus predicting the results of World Cup foot ball. An Octopus, named Paul, or Psycho Paul which was born in the UK and was moved to the Sea Life Aquarium in the western German city of Oberhausen. Paul correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup games, including the defeat by Serbia in the group stages and the wipeout by Spain. His owners claim that his previous records in predicting results are also quite amazing.

    How Paul predicts:

    PSYCHO PAUL OCTOPUSPaul predicts by choosing a mussel from one of two boxes bearing the flags of the nations  that are participating in the match.

    Paul predicted that Germany will win the third place.

    Paul also favored Spanish victory in 2010 FIFA world cup

    His prediction and ways of prediction were telecasted several times by various media all around the world.

    Psycho Paul Prediction scam:

    One of my friend working in leading International News Agency, explained me some points about the possibilities of a Scam in Paul Predictions. The point of doubt was towards bookies who are trying to win a Bet in Soccer betting world. Recently a Big Bull lost tons of Euro in betting.

    How Paul helps betting

    Betting Agencies are trying to establish that whatever Paul predicts will be correct. They are trying to prove this allover the world through the stunning prediction results of Paul. Bookies even played big role in the knockout of Brazil and Germany. Now they are targeting the glorious Final match.

    The defeat of Germany by Spain and the prediction by Paul actually made all soccer lovers to believe that Paul's prediction on final match also will be correct. This will result in huge betting on Spanish side. If Spain fail, then the opposite betting will earn tremendous amount of money, which bookies aim to make it happen.

    The live telecast of Paul's prediction was another drama. The box in which Paul selects a mussel was prefilled with “Pheromones” to attract Paul. Paul moves to the box, collects the Mussel and all of us believe that Paul showed Spain as the winner. Remember, Octopus have excellent sight, smell and touch. Each of their suckers has small and touch sensors capable of identifying even the smallest of scents or hints of a food source.

    My friend suggested me to wait till finals to prove that this is a real Scam. If Spain loses the match, then we can make sure that this is just a scam to get more betting on Spain side.

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    A Jesus Christ statue with his arms raised along a highway in Ohio was struck down by lightning in a thunderstorm Monday night.The Ohio's most familiar landmarks, Touchdown Jesus was erected in 2004.

    The sculpture was 62 feet tall and 40 feet wide at the base,  nicknamed as Touchdown Jesus was struck with lightning around 11:15 p.m.

    TOUCHDOWN JESUS The accident of Touchdown Jesus is creating big irony all over the world.

    Some people find this as punishment from GOD against the wish of man to rise above GOD.

    Others feel this as a major backstab for Christianity who are fighting against other religions.

    But the strong belief is now rising that this may be warning of a War between two major religions, according to Nostradamus.

    What we feel about this incident is that, may be this point towards WORLD END IN 2012.

    Anyway this incident shows the blessings and grace from GOD towards humans is now reducing may be due to the increasing bad activities from us.

    “Read how our predictions come true…      READ FENG SHUI 2010 NATURE FORECASTS



    “Read how our predictions come true…                 READ FENG SHUI 2010 NATURE FORECASTS

            2010 is a Golden Tiger (庚寅年) year. This Golden Tiger year begins from Feb 4th, 2010 and ends on Feb 3rd, 2011. 2010 year of Golden Tiger has the Geng (庚) Metal element as Heavenly-Stem, and the Yin (寅) Wood element as its Earthly-Branch. 2010 could be a disaster year when considering the facts that Heaven clashes Earth.

    2010 Business Forecast

    feng shui business

    After strong analysis of Feng Shui,

    the following business areas will nourish and new ventures can be started in these areas:

    1. Electronic related business, entertainment, gaming etc
    2. petroleum-based products
    3. Electrical related business
    4. Information technology and telecommunications
    5. Earth related food and beverage, 
    6. Fertilizer industry
    7. Real estate business
    8. Gold and  steel business

    The following business areas will be in trouble:

    1. Education
    2. Politics
    3. Charity
    4. Freelance jobs

    Financial sectors will face much improvement. A special recovery can be seen in Stock markets. Gold and petrol prices will continue to go up. Gold will face little retracement after the middle of the Year.


    Earth Day is the celebration day for earth in order to improve and inspire the  awareness of Earth's environment among people. It is being held on April 22. This day is celebrated in many countries after paying thanks to the founder of this day,  U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson who started this celebration in 1970.

    We have observed some strange facts  when we say about Earth’s Day. According to Feng Shui, individuals with Earth as their element have significant effect on their fortune after 22nd April. Irrespective of their Kua number ( Ba Gua), Earth element people must perform some activities which will boost the Good Chi ( Good energy ) surrounding them.


    Here we will explain what are those activities that, persons with Earth as element must do in the day of April 22.

    1. Wear dress of any of these colors, such as Beige, Light Yellow, or Sandy/Earthy

    2. As per Bagua, earth is most welcomed in directions such as  Southwest, Northeast, West, Northwest and Center. Hence place any earth element Gadget in South West part will boost the positive energy

    3.  Planting trees on the day must be avoided as Wood is destructor of earth element as per destructive cycle. Refer the constructive and destructive cycles given below.


    FENG SHUI ELEMENT CYCLE Constructive Cycle:

    Water  -> Wood  -> Fire  -> Earth -> Metal –>Water

    Destructive Cycle:

    Water -> Fire –> Metal -> Wood –> Earth  –>Water.

    4. Avoid using alcohol, tobacco or any plant based psychotropic substances

    5. Avoid long journey on the day to directions other than Southwest, Northeast, West and Northwest

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    Guest Post by: Ken Lauher Photo
    Celebrity Feng Shui Consultant and Speaker, Ken Lauher, helps individuals. His inspiring work with celebrities and corporations has made him a sought-after speaker on Feng Shui and life enhancement. Visit his site for your free Feng Shui Tips, guide, or to hire Ken for a speaking engagement.

    Are you looking for a new job? Would you like to know the secrets to set yourself apart from other job candidates during the interview? If you follow some of the basic tenets of Feng Shui, you can give yourself an advantage during your next job interview.

    Choose the Right Colors
    The colors you wear can impact the success of your interview, and green or blue are viewed most favorably by potential employers. These colors represent growth, potential and possibilities.

    Avoid wearing all black or all white as these colors can represent limited hope or possibilities. Try to avoid wearing bright red or other aggressive colors that may signal argumentativeness or hint that you may cause difficulties in a place of business.

    Before the Interview
    Arrive early and spend a few minutes outside the building centering yourself in silence. Collect your thoughts and just pay attention to your breath. This moment of silence will allow you to be more grounded within the interview process and more present in the moment, able to answer questions more easily. Take nine deep breaths prior to the interview where you can visualize breathing in white light, natural light, sun light that burns up all of your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions then converts into black smoke that you release upon exhale.

    If you have the option, position yourself in the command position during the interview. The command position:

    • Gives you sight of the door, without putting you directly in line with the door;
    • Does not put your back to the door;
    • Is not directly behind the door.

    Sitting in the command position puts you in a more secure and stable state, so you'll feel more in control during the interview process and be able to answer more clearly.

    During the Interview
    During the interview process, consider the energy you're sending out to your employer carefully. Think about expanding your aura into the room to bring calmness, confidence and sincerity to the space. This helps all those around you. Those interviewing you will sense a well-grounded, positive energy emanating from you.

    Pay attention to your body language. Be aware of what you're feeling inside, as you may be communicating your emotions on the outside, as well. Many people, when they get nervous, make a washing machine – side-to-side – motion or fidget and move around in their chair. These movements convey nervous energy and a lack of confidence.

    Attempt to mimic, at times, the body language of your interviewer. Anthony Robbins refers to this as mirroring others to build rapport and likeability.

    Post-Interview Follow-up
    After you have completed the interview, keep the chi of moving water, which represents prosperity, flowing for you by sending a note or email to those who interviewed you. Thank them for their time and add any other information that may be relevant to the conversation. In these times of e-mail communications, a handwritten message on professional-looking stationery or a note card will stand out.

    Of course, always take the basic steps of preparing for a job interview. Practice the answers to common questions in the mirror and learn about the company where you applied for a job. If you are well-prepared for an interview and well-qualified for the position, following these Feng Shui tips before, during and after the interview process will give you the advantage over other candidates.

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    Guest post by:
    Stephanie Roberts
    © 2005 Stephanie Roberts Serrano
    STEPHANIE ROBERTS is the author of the popular Fast Feng Shui book series, available at

    Do you know where your financial "power spots" are? The contemporary methods of feng shui associate prosperity issues with the back left corner of any space. Stand at your front door facing into the house; your wealth area is at the back of the house on the left-hand side. There's also a wealth area within each room: facing in from the doorway, it's the corner area in the back of the room on the left-hand side. Where are the wealth areas within your office, living room, kitchen, and bedroom? Now that you've identified your money power spots, here are some quick and easy ways to apply feng shui to these spaces:

    1. Clear out any clutter from these important areas. Clutter is a sign of stagnant energy, and clutter in your money power spots can clog up your cash flow. Getting rid of clutter is one of the most powerful ways to shift the energy of your power spots into high gear.

    2. Fix things that are broken. Anything that doesn't work as it should is a sign of something wrong in the area of your life that corresponds to that part of your space. Examine each of your money power spots to look for anything that needs repair. It's time to do something about that loose doorknob, non-working light switch, stuck file drawer, or clock that doesn't keep correct time, to name just a few possible examples. Remove items like these from your power spots or fix them so they work properly.

    3. Enhance your power spots with symbols of prosperity, such as a bowl of coins (add your loose change to it every day), a "lucky bamboo" plant, or anything that symbolizes success and prosperity to you. There are lots of Chinese luck symbols available, but you don't have to use them unless you want to. A picture of your dream house, or a model of that luxury car you long for, is an effective money symbol because it has personal meaning for you.

    4. Accent your money areas with the colors green and purple. Green symbolizes vitality and growth, and purple is the color of wealth. Place a bowl of green and purple grapes (real or artificial) in the wealth area of your kitchen, to symbolize abundance filling your home. If you use real grapes, it's okay to eat them, just add more from time to time so the grapes remain fresh and the bowl is always more than half full.

    5. Pay attention to how you handle money every day. Do you keep paper money neatly sorted in your wallet or money clip, or is it jammed in there any old way, or crumpled up at the bottom of your pocket? Clean the clutter out of your purse and wallet, and start handling your money as though you value it.

    6. If you neglect your money, it will neglect you, so be sure to balance your checkbook regularly and pay your bills on time. Put your checkbook in an attractive cover (choose green, purple, red, blue, or black) and keep it in the wealth area of your desk - that's the rear left corner again -- or in the wealth area of your office.

    7. Live generously. Money is a form of energy, and it needs to flow through your life, not just into it. Hoarding and scrimping work against more coming in, while giving generously within your means makes space for even greater abundance. If you don't yet have ample money to share, give as generously as you can of your time, energy, compassion, and appreciation.
    8. Take a few moments every evening to think about all the good things that happened to you today and to express your gratitude for what you have received. Small things count, too, so it's okay if there's little of the spectacular on your list most of the time. It's not what happened that's important; it's getting in the habit of focusing on the positive side of things every day that matters. The more you notice, appreciate, and express gratitude for blessings received, no matter how small, the more good things will come your way, including money.

    A true experience of prosperity is determined not by how much money you have, but by how well you notice and enjoy what is already present in your life. The formal name for the wealth area is "fortunate blessings" - as you de-clutter, repair, and accessorize your money power spots keep this broader meaning in mind. When you celebrate being rich in friends and family, or rich with laughter, or the richness of your spiritual life, or even being rich in air and sunshine if nothing else seems to be going well for you today, material blessings will come to you more readily as well.
    STEPHANIE ROBERTS is the author of the popular Fast Feng Shui book series, available at Receive FREE Feng Shui tips in every issue when you subscribe to the Fast Feng Shui newsletter. Visit for details.


    Guest post by:
    Stephanie Roberts
    © 2005 Stephanie Roberts Serrano
    STEPHANIE ROBERTS is the author of the popular Fast Feng Shui book series, available at

    One of the most important feng shui guidelines is to place your bed and desk in what is called the "Command Position." In this position, you face the door from the far side of the room but are not directly in front of the door; usually the part of the room diagonally farthest from the entry offers the best Command Position.
    In the Command Position, you are able to benefit from the chi that enters and flows through the space, while being far enough removed from the doorway that you are not exposed to chi that is too strong. A true Command Position also provides a solid wall behind you for support. Using this position puts you in visual command of the space, and allows you to face life directly, both literally and symbolically.

    If you can't see the door from where you sleep or work, this implies that life can sneak up on you, that you tend not to face issues directly, and that you are easily startled and constantly dealing with unexpected events. Sleeping or working directly in line with the door also exposes you to excessive chi, which can contribute to stress, irritability, health problems, and feelings of overwhelm. Use of the Command Position removes you from these negative influences and puts you in control of your space and of your life.

    The objective of using the Command Position for the bed and desk is a key factor as well in the feng shui guideline that says not to have your home office in the bedroom. While the main reason for this is that the energy of work (desk) and that of rest (bed) are incompatible and should not be housed in the same space, it is also highly unlikely that you will be able to place both the desk and the bed in the Command Position if you try to use both these important pieces of furniture in the same room.

    These are fairly straightforward guidelines, but as so often happens, in any particular space there may be other factors involved that need to be taken into account. Although there are often several potential places to put a bed or desk that will meet the Command Position criteria (the larger the space, the more options you will have), usually one or more of these will be less than optimal for some reason. For example, placing your desk with a good view of the door may require sitting with your back to a large window. Not only does this imply lack of support in your career, but if you work at a computer (as most people with desk jobs do) glare from the window can also be a problem.
    Other potential problems to be avoided include overhead beams, the low side of a slanted ceiling, sharp angles from interior corners, and an overhead fan in a room with a low ceiling - to name just a few. Any one of these factors may make a potential Command Position less than desirable. You should also keep in mind what is going on in the neighboring rooms as well as outside the building. For example, what may seem like the perfect Command Position location for your bed is not so perfect if your bedroom shares a wall with your kitchen or bathroom, and the toilet, shower, stove or refrigerator is right on the other side of the wall behind the bed. Another example would be a bedroom in the front of a house very close to the road. Here the Command Position might indicate placing the head of the bed against the exterior wall, where nighttime traffic may sound like it's driving right over your pillow and make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. In this case, you may find that placing your bed so it is in the Command Position relative to the road, rather than the doorway, is the better option. In many cases a review of the pros and cons of a space may indicate that the best location for your desk or bed may be one that is not in the Command Position, but that protects you from other influences.

    The best possible furniture placement in any room in your home often involves a compromise between several different feng shui guidelines. The more you know about how the different features of your home affect your space, the better able you will be to make the placement choices that are best for you.

    STEPHANIE ROBERTS is the author of the popular Fast Feng Shui book series, available at Receive FR(EE) Feng Shui tips in every issue when you subscribe to the Fast Feng Shui newsletter. Visit for details.


    The LoshuSquareTortoise made up of metal shell placed with Loshu grid on the top. The head, body and tail part of Tortoise can be Green color and the shell can be golden color. Usually metal and mud based tortoises are giving best results.

    Loshu Square Tortoise is a symbol of longevity, stability, strength, support and endurance. One of the 4 celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise), the tortoise is an important and powerful symbol of landscape Feng Shui. This Gadget is used as a PREVENTIVE gadget.

    The location of your Loshu Square Tortoise Gadget are as given below

    1. Place the Tortoise  in the NORTH part of your home. In your office, place it in the North sector.The North sector governs your Career luck based on the Pakua Life Aspiration Theory. This will help maintain support from your boss or co-workers. You will enjoy a steady progress in your career and hard work will pay off handsomely.

    2. Display a figurine of the tortoise in the East sector of your home to attract lots of good health and prosperity luck. The East sector governs your Health luck based on the Bagua Life Aspiration Theory.

    The Loshu square contains the magic square of numbers one to nine.In which ever direction you add the numbers ,either vertically or horizontally or diagonally,it always gives same result 15.
    Chinese believe that, a giant tortoise surfaced from the River Lo in central China around 4,000 years ago.There were circular dots of numbers on the giant tortoise that were arranged in a three-by-three nine grid pattern on it's shell and it was a message sent from heaven in the interest of human welfare and happiness .Thus the tortoise containing Loshu Square is considered a symbol of good times to come.


    1. Do not place tortoises in toilets and kitchen.

    2. Tortoises can be placed on floor level.
    3. Green color body and Golden color shell with Grid is giving best results, must be placed in North direction.
    4. Keep only one tortoise as your Gadget







    There is a strong discussion about whether world will end in 2012 or not. Here in this post, we try to explore the reasons why people beleive so. Please accept these points as justification points and lets hope that nothing will happen like this in 2012. We too like to beleive that my new blog post will release on January 1 2013. Also, with these below given points, we can come to conclusion that, defenitely some changes in world will ocuur, hopefully not the full destruction. 
    1. WORLD END ON 2012 AS PER I-CHING, the book of changes 

    The Book of Changes, I Ching in Chinese -- is one of the most important books in the world. Ethnobotanists and fractal time experts Terrence and Dennis McKenna believe so, and they present their ideas in Invisible Landscape: Mind Hallucinogens and the I Ching (1993). Their studies began with the I Ching, which is composed of 64 hexagrams, or six-line figures. It struck them that 6 x 64 = 384, which is exceptionally close to the number of days in 13 lunar months (29.5306 x 13 = 383.8978), and that maybe the I Ching was originally an ancient Chinese calendar. Further multiples had astronomical significance: 
    1 day x 64x 6= 384 days = 13 lunar months
    384 days x 64 = 67 years, 104.25 days= 6 minor sunspot cycles (11.2 years each)
    67 years, 104.25 days x 64 = 4306+ years = 2 Zodiacal ages
    4306+ years x 6 = 25836 years = 1 precession of the equinoxes
    The McKenna brothers arrived at the 2012 end date by using table of differences between one hexagram and the next, they developed a Mandelbrot fractal in which each level is 64 times greater then the one below it. They then laid this fractal pattern on top of a time scale. The peaks and troughs of the pattern relate to the level of connectedness or novelty in any span of time, whether it covers a day, millennia or even since the beginning of time. By matching the levels of the pattern with key periods in history, they determined it would fit best if the end of the time scale was December 22, 2012. This is the only point in which the level of novelty reaches its maximum, and everything that happens is new. Change feeds upon itself like nano-machines converting every atom in the universe into gold.
    The final 80 or so pages of their Invisible Landscape (1993) describe the complicated mathematics and methodology they employed. A base period of roughly 67 years was discovered (all calculations are rough, but not inaccurate).
    2012 minus 67 years = 1945, a year of great change
    2012 minus 4,300 years (67x64) = 2300 BC, the beginning of historical time
    2012 minus 275,000 years (4300 x 64) = the emergence of Homo sapiens
    2012 minus 18 million years (275,000 x 64) = the height of the age of mammals
    2012 minus 1.3 billion years = the beginning of life on our planet

    About what may happen in 2012 they have this to say:
    "Achievement of the zero state can be imagined to arrive in one of two forms. One is the dissolution of the cosmos in an actual cessation and unravelling of the natural laws, a literal apocalypse. The other possibility. the culmination of a human process, a process of toolmaking, which comes to completion in the perfect artefact: the monadic self, exteriorised, condensed, and visible in three dimensions; in alchemical terms, the dream of a union of spirit and matter"

    (Daniel 12:9-12) " He answered, "You must go now, Daniel, because these words are to be kept secret and hidden until the end comes. Many people will be purified. Those who are wicked will not understand but will go on being wicked; only those who are wise will understand. "From the time the daily sacrifices are stopped, that is, from the time of The Awful Horror, 1290 days will pass. Happy are those who remain faithful until 1335 days are over!"
    614 BC (fall of Assyria, also symbol of end of world), plus 1290 + 1335 years equals autumn of AD 2012
    Israel (the southern kingdom) fell to Assyria in 722 BC. It happens that if we allow BC and AD to act like a mirror, then 539 BC to AD 722 (instead of "BC") amounts to 1260 years, (Rev. 12).
    Thus, from 614 BC to AD 722 is 1335 years.
    And also from 539 BC to AD 722 is 1260 years.
    And from AD 722 to AD 2012 is 1290 years!
    614 BC (fall of Assyria, also symbol of end of world), plus 1290 + 1335 years equals autumn of AD 2012
    2012 phenomenon is a  belief that cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on December 21 or December 23, 2012, which is said to be the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle according to the Mayan Long Count calendar. 
    Thousands of years ago they managed to calculate the length of the lunar moon as 329.53020 days, only 34 seconds out. The Mayan calendar predicts that the earth will end on December 21, 2012. Given that they were pretty close to the mark with the lunar cycle, it’s likely they’ve got the end of the world right as well.

    Space scientists at NASA are warning a solar storm in 2012 of the same magnitude that happened in 1859.The sun emitting solar flares so intense that they produce magnetic pulses with the force to destroy power grids by melting transformers.The sun operates on an 11-year cycle, with the next "active" phase due in 2012.

    Scientists have hailed a successful switch-on for an enormous experiment which will recreate the conditions a few moments after the Big Bang.They have now fired two beams of particles called protons around the 27km-long tunnel which houses the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
    The real experiment going to happen in 2012, which may create dreadful situations as feared by some physicists. A blackhole may emerge that can swallow the whole planet, one official said.

    The United States largest and most picturesque National Parks - Yellowstone Park - is one of the largest "super volcanoes" in the world.Yellowstone National Park in United States is famous for its thermal springs and old faithful geyser. The Yellowstone volcano has a pattern of erupting every 650,000 years or so, and we’re many years overdue for an explosion that will fill the atmosphere with ash, blocking the sun and plunging the earth into a frozen winter that could last up to 15,000 years. The pressure under the Yellowstone is building steadily, and geologists have set 2012 as a likely date for the Lava flow. If this happens in 2012, then thick ash deposits would bury vast areas of the United States, and injection of huge volumes of volcanic gases into the atmosphere could drastically affect global climate.

    We all know the Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field that shields us from most of the sun’s radiation. What you might not know is that the magnetic poles we call North and South have a nasty habit of swapping places every 750,000 years or so -- and right now we’re about 30,000 years overdue. Scientists have noted that the poles are drifting apart roughly 20-30 kms each year, much faster than ever before, which points to a pole-shift being right around the corner. While the pole shift is under way, the magnetic field is disrupted and will eventually disappear, sometimes for up to 100 years. The result is enough UV outdoors to crisp your skin in seconds, killing everything it touches.
     Century II, Quatrain 62
    "Mabus then will soon die, there will come
    Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
    Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
    Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run"
     Century VIII, Quatrain 77 
    "The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
    twenty-seven years his war will last.
    The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
    with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth."
      Century IX, Quatrain 100
    "Naval battle night will be overcome,
    Fire in the ships to the West ruin:
    New trick, the great ship colored,
    Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle."
    Century I, Quatrain 45
    "A founder of sects , much trouble for the accuser:
    A beast in the theater prepares the scene and plot.
    The author ennobled by acts of older times;
    the world is confused by schismatic sects."
    Who is Mabus? When he will die? Just look to the Century II, Quatrain 62, given on top here. Is that Raymond Edwin "Ray" Mabus, Jr. What Obama will do if anything happen to his favorite Ray Mabus?
    Nostradamus sees a Comet,  causing great destruction.He sets a time frame around 2012 AD.The Book of Revelation (chapter 8) speaks of a  trigger of World war. Revelation gives no date as to when this event will happen.


    According to Hinduism, the universe begins in the Satya Yuga and ends in the Kali Yuga. The total four Yugas in whcih .Satya Yuga lasts for 1,728,000, Treta Yuga lasts for 1,296,000, Dwapara Yuga lasts for 864,000 and Kali Yuga for 432,000. It is widely believed that Kali Yuga began in 3102 B.C.Now there are several people quoting Puranas to indicate that Lord Krishna had predicted an end the Kali Yuga after 5000 years and the beginning of the Golden Era. Now those who belive that Kali Yuga will end after 5000 years are indicating the beginning of Golden Age in 2010

                                                       10. WORLD END ON 2012 AS PER ISLAM

    Islam believes in Doomsday - a day when the entire world will be destroyed. This day is called “Day of judgement.”Holy Quran has explicitly stated this “Verily, Allah! With Him (Alone) is the knowledge of the Hour“ (Surah Luqman 31/34). The exact time of the Doomsday is given neither in Qur’an nor in Hadith. But Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have pointed out the distinctive signs in Hadiths and in Qur’anic verses, which will happen near to the last hour constantly warned the believers for the appointed day.There are major and minor signs that point to the Doomsday event. There are 68 minor signs and 12 major signs before the Doomsday.

    Coming of Masih ad-Dajjal , The AntiChrist ( See similar prediction by NOSTRADAMUS), Arrival of The Mahdi, The appearance of Masih al-Isa (Jesus Christ), the son of Mary (peace be upon him), Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog), The destruction of the Kabah and the recovery of its treasure, Emergence of the Beast, The smoke, Three major landslides (one in the East, one in the West, and one on the Arabian peninsula), The wind will take the souls of the believers, The rising of the sun from the west, The fire will drive the people to their final gathering place and three blasts of the trumpet (fear & terror, death, resurrection).


    We hereby providing you an opportunity to take a test of your possible Death Time. Believe us, we too tested this DEATH TIME CALCULATOR  many times. Simply enter details  here and know your death time.  

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    Zi Wei Dou Shu or Chinese Purple Star Astrology describes your past, present and future in twelve life categories, such as Destiny, Wealth, Love, Career, Health, Children, Parents, etc.It can explain and predict the changing cycles around you. and points out one's destiny.

    Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator is one  of the most prominent feng shui tool used for the fortune analysis . Here by providing a link to Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart Calculator. Before going to the calculator, do you like to read about Zi Wei Dou Shu or "Purple Emperor" Chinese astrology. Click here


    This is a free software that will help you to get your Zi wei dou shu chart.




    Chinese dragon is a friendly creature which wants to help people all the time by giving them health,wealth, career and happiness.

    The dragon figure finished in golden color is more powerful. Other color combinations can also be used with multiple headed dragon .


    DRAGON STATUE is more effective as CURATIVE Gadget. This Gadget found to be useful in problems related to health,wealth, career and happiness. Dragons can be used to protect, bring strength and fortune, and to activate masculine energy.


    DRAGON STATUE should be placed on a high side table, preferably at the height of eye sight, with or without a solid wall behind. You can keep one, two, five, six or nine Dragons at home but it is safer not to over-populate more than 5 dragons that could evoke the heaven. Also it is not desired to have Dragons placed higher than our eye length to ensure they are under our control. For career success, place a dragon behind you at work to ensure you are constantly improving and achieving your goals. Placing the Dragon near your water features like aquarium or fountains can give good results.


    Chinese dragons are known as the strongest success symbol. Also they kill negative spirits and bring you great fortune. Dragon is the ultimate representation of the forces of Mother Nature


    Position of this Gadget is very important and it should be done with guidance of a Fengshui Master. If my readers can provide your, date of birth and gender, then we will find the exact position depending upon your issues. Never keep more than 5 dragons at home. Never place Dragons higher than our eye length



    These three star deities are one of the most popular symbols of Fengshui.They stands for Health,Happiness and Prosperity.

    Fuk deity carries a scroll and sometimes a children with him for good descendant luck.

    Luk deity always stands in the center, ensures your income luck and holds a scepter of office called Ru Yi, or a gold ingot to symbolize prosperity,authority and wealth.

    Sue deity is depicted as carrying a staff and a peach, also known as the fruit of immortality. Sometimes, the gourd containing the Elixir of life is tied on the staff. He symbolizes good health and longevity.

    These can be made of Golden colored materials or redwood color ( Mahogany) and colors can be changed according to the Kua number of the person who aim to use this Fengshui Gadget.

    East group peoples are recommended to use red wood finish statues.Gold color suits West group people.


    FUK LUK SUE is more effective as CURATIVE Gadget. This Gadget found to be useful in problems related to Happiness, Wealth and Longevity


    Fuk Luk Sau should be placed on a high side table, preferably at the height of eye view with a solid wall behind them in the dining room or living room from where they are said to create auspicious chi for the entire household. At the office, Fuk Luk Sau can be placed behind you giving vital support and good fortune.


    As I-Ching depicts, Fuk Luk Sue can wipeout any negative energy related to health, wealth and longevity. In families where members have issues related to health, and wealth , can use this as a single solution.


    Position of this Gadget is very important and it should be done with guidance of a Fengshui Master. If my readers can provide your, date of birth and gender, then we will find the exact position depending upon your issues.
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