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We can see high level of importance for Gadgets in Fengshui. Many masters suggest different types of Gadgets. Some time people select Gadgets by themselves.


In Fengshui, Gadgets can be divided into three main types according to the application. They are

  1. Curative Gadgets




These Gadgets are using to cure any sort of serious problems due to imbalance of Good Chi and Bad Chi.



Example: Clear Quartz Fengshui Crystal Ball (To achieve greater harmony in the family and to cure family problems)

    1. Preventive or Protective Gadgets

    These Gadgets are used to prevent any sort of issues that may rise due to the fall of Good Chi , in and around a system.

    Example: Brass Chong Kwei Holding a Bat & Sword (Chong Kwei acts as a protective charm to ward off evil spirits and people with bad intentions)

    1. Enhancers Gadgets

    These Gadgets are used to enhance the existing levels of Good Chi (Positive energy) in and around a system.

    Example: Brass Fengshui Gold Ingot with Base (Enhances wealth)

      The most interesting fact is that some gadgets can be used as Curative, Preventive or Enhancer whereas some cannot be. So this classification can be considered as an application based one and not on absolute terms.

      But many people complaint that they don’t get enough result from using the Fengshui Gadgets. This is due to multiple factors and mostly a selection of the Gadget by you.

      Dangers behind selecting a Fengshui Gadget by yourself

    1. It is very essential that you had to analyze the premise before installing a Gadget. This analysis can be done in best way by a practicing Fengshui Master. The aim of such an audit is to determine the energy levels of that area.
    2. You should take care to select the best Gadget that made up of correct metal.
    3. While installing Gadgets, usually people choose the place that they feel as ideal for them. This should be done very carefully as Bagua chart determines the direction especially based on the Bagua number of a person. This varies from person to person.
    4. As a result of the above described factors, sometimes the Gadgets will bring negative energy or may increase energy in undesired areas

    It is very essential that you must seek the advice of a Fengshui practitioner before purchasing any Gadgets. You may ask us any questions regarding any Gadget and its installation.

    In our coming lessons we are explaining different types of Gadgets, and their peculiarities.

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