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We usually spend about a third of our life in our bedroom,recharging and restoring our health. If we do not get enough sleep or peaceful atmosphere inside bedroom, then we become irritable and miserable. Conversely when we sleep well our renewed energy and sense of vibrancy allows us to accomplish anything!






What energy do you have?


Fengshui colors
          As color is light or energy moving at different wavelengths (speeds), what we see as a fengshui color is actually the reflected energy from an object. This energy will react with your own chi ( energy) and affect you in many ways.
           As we are dealing with your bedroom fengshui, we will just look at how this affects your sleep and use the five element cycle consisting of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Having found your Nine Star Ki ( Kua ) number from our calculator you need to convert these numbers to elements, so you will need to know that the water element is 1, wood 3, and 4,  fire is 9, earth, 2, 5 and 8, with metal 6 and 7.



Find your perfect fengshui bedroom colors

To find the perfect fengshui colors for your bedroom do the following:

    1. Identify your element from your Ki ( Kua ) number. To identify the Nine Star Ki, use this calculator.
    2. Find your element in the five element cycle below.
      FIRE 9
      EARTH 2,5,8
      WATER 1
      WOOD 3,4
      METAL 6,7
    3. Your most relaxing fengshui colors are of the element following yours.  
    4. You can find these fengshui colors here in the picture given below
      feng shui colour cycle
    5. When you have two conflicting energies you can wear one color as nightwear and the other as bedding, ideally a pillowcase.
Fengshui color effects


When viewing the 5 element cycle below in relation to your natal element, if you choose the colors from the preceding element to yours, you will find it very difficult to get off to sleep and will be restless.  
feng shui colour cycleChoose the color two places before yours and if you are a female you will think about your relationship and if male about promotion or getting even with people.
You may also have nightmares where control or restriction is the theme. Choose the color two places after yours and if male you will think about your wife or partner, if female you may worry about money.   So if you want to relax and have a good night’s sleep choose the colors from the element directly after yours.



Fengshui bedroom layout.



Naturally the most important fengshui aspect in your bedroom is the position of the bed. This either needs to be against a solid wall or if away from the wall it will need to have a solid head board.  The bed should be placed in the “power position” which will be the spot opposite the door where you can see the whole room before you and anyone entering the room. 
On no account should you have the bed inline with the door as this is known as the “coffin position ” and it will completely undermine your confidence and all that you do in life. Similarly, as the solid wall behind your bed represents your security and well being if you place the bed’s headboard against the wall containing  the door then you will argue at some point , with whomever enters the room. This is the primary reason for arguments with children.
In Chinese philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine, energy is said to rise on the left side of our bodies and fall on the right side. When we mirror this phenomenon in our surroundings we feel extremely comfortable.  
Viewed from the position of laying in bed placing your wardrobes on the left and your dressing table on the right of the bed will easily create this effect. If we add a space at the foot of the bed this mirrors the “ming tang” effect which is alluded to in all forms of tai chi and qi gong and is said to make the occupants visionary. 
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by: Mr. Alan Stirling

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