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PA035968 Money has become an important factor in life. Human beings do so many things to make money. I am writing this blog not only to be famous but also to make some money. I expect that one day it will come that all my visitors will click on my advertisements and I will become rich one day. Nice dream, isn’t it?

Here I will explain how to incorporate Fengshui into your life to make more money. I mean to bring more luck to you.


 First of all, you should find out the financial areas in your office, living room, bedroom and kitchen. As per Fengshui, these areas are found in the corner of the back left hand side of the room, when facing in from the doorway.

After that you had to keep these areas free from objects that create Negative energy.


How to remove Negative Objects from financial area.

Classify objects or household things in your home and office into three

Type A


Those objects that are not used for last seven days                         

Clean them and position them accordingly

Type B                                                                                             

Those objects that are not used for last seven months                   

Clean  them  and  position  them  accordingly

Type C                                                                                             

Those objects that are not used for last seven years           

Recheck them whether those items can be used again or not. If useless then throw out of your premise.

For example: Broken mirrors, Old Clock

In case of old books, cover them with white paper and keep in closed shelves

Throw away any mirrors that are cracked or spotted

(Check to see that all of your mirrors reflect your entire face)

Remove any dirty curtains and remove all dust over there.


Make your closets are not overstuffed.


fter clearing these areas, place symbols of prosperity like bowl of coins or a lucky bamboo plant. Even pictures that indicate prosperity and money can also be used in such areas.


Color also has an important role in making more money through Fengshui. Nourish all money areas in your house and office with the colours like green and purple.                                                       

Green is the colour for vitality and growth (remember about the colour of Dollar, the world currency) while purple is the colour for wealth.

You may keep purple and green grapes in a bowl full in the wealth area of the kitchen. These grapes can be real or artificial.   mysticcfss                                

You may keep three Chinese coins tied with a red strip in your wallet, in your  money  box  or  with  your  bank  account  books.    


We suggest bloggers to keep the picture of those Three Chinese coins in their blogs so that income from the blogs also will increase.


These are generalized suggestions to increase money flow. Still, if you feel problem, then check your Kua number, do a Fengshui audit and keep some cure gadgets. Feel free to ask me.


dyeve said...

Hi! from Romania..
Do U really trust in this...:))
btw..I have one just like this..from youre oicture..maybe..I will have luck

Have a nice and relaxing day!
pa paaaa

G.Kannan said...

This is one of the most exciting blogs from you that I have seen recently. Thanks for the huge wealth of interesting and useful info it contains. But please tell me about how we can get Chinese coins in India. Hope Indian coins will in India will do the miracle.

Thanks again for the Fengshui details. Simply great.

Aswani said...

A very useful, informative and interesting post. I don't know if it works or not but still can be done.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hello, i wanna ask about the kua chart n the flying star 2012..
does we use the kua chart until the whole of our life, n do we should follow the flying star 2012 start during 23 january 2012 in position of our house...

i;m confusing..does use kua or flying star at home..or use both.

Fengshuimaster said...

using flying star at home will be ideal..and more effective..You can choose the best one..tey kua first..if not working change to flying star...

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