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Human beings are always interested to know their future. In their way to find the hidden sixth sense, several civilizations have their own methods of predicting the future.

Most of ancient civilizations with proven history are following several forms of astrological methods to analyze the future. Most of them are religion based and one such is Chinese Astrology.


Archaeological evidence about Chinese astrology states that ancient Chinese rituals and Chinese Zodiac were developed between 3000 and 4000 BC, about 5,500 years ago .The first written horoscope known to archaeologists which includes the 12 zodiac signs dates from the Shang dynasty (began 1760BC) and was written on a tortoise shell.


Chinese astrology is calculated by the exact day of a person’s birth, and using charts of the sun and the major planets. Practitioners then develop a horoscope and life chart for the person whose fortune is being determined.










Chinese astrology was originally known as Five House astrology, or 5 planet Chinese astrology. It was based on the five major planets in our Solar system namely Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Later, like any other science some developments added and now Seven star system is followed by including Sun and Moon .


Later in time, two new Chinese astrology systems were developed; one based on the Solar calendar called Ba Zi or Four Pillars. The other used the Lunar calendar and was called Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Emperor astrology.





Why choose a Chinese astrology reading?


Chinese astrology is mostly acceptable by its accuracy, tradition and simplicity in applications. Like theorms in mathematics, Chinese Astrology also flowing through various undefined terms. Whether defined or undefined, the popularity shows that most of the people are benefitting from this. When we compare with other science like Modern Medical Science, Chinese astrology and Fengshui also have certain percentage of failures which never reduced its increasing acceptance.




Chinese astrology became popular when China initiated trade to the West after mid 17thcentury.Now a days, Chinese Astrology and Fengshui is becoming widely popular among persons who are interested in assessing their Fortune and Future.


Anonymous said...

NICE TO READ, but where is the place of Fengshui in this?

forexwatch said...

Very informative article on Chinese Astrology.I will be coming back to update myself on Feng Shui.My income from my blogs is very low.

forexwatch’s last blog post.. The Dollar Pound Yen

Kris said...

Please wait for few more days, Mr Anonymous

MAYA said...

Very informative, clear, and accurate blog!
In Japan Feng Shui is also really popular.There are many specialists who changes furnitures and so on in other's house.

Though personally I don't know many things about it,,,,keep it up,I'll learn from this blog;-)

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