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Zi Wei Dou Shu or "Purple Emperor" Chinese astrology

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    Zi Wei Dou Shu or "Purple Emperor" Chinese astrology consists of up to 144 stars and 12 palaces.

    Zi Wei Dou Shu uses the Chinese lunisolar calendar, a lunar calendar that is adjusted for the seasons.

      The Zi Wei Dou Shu was first derived by  Lu Chun Yang (呂純陽). It was then developed by Chen Xi Yi (陳希夷) during the Song Dynasty and later on Luo Hong Xian 羅洪先 during the Ming Dynasty to the present day. In Zi Wei Dou Shu we locate "stars" in twelve "palaces". These are

  1. LIFE

    The stars in this house determine one's character and achievement.


    The stars in this house determine one's relationship with his parents and superiors.


    The stars in this house determine one's mental state of happiness.


    The stars in this house determine of one's major investments.


    The stars in this house determine the kind of career that suits a person and the kind of achievement expected.


    The stars in this house determine the kind of friends and hired help one can expect.


    The stars in this house determine whether one is lucky leaving his home-town.


    The stars in this house determine one's health condition.


    The stars in this house determine one's financial situation.


    The stars in this house determine one's relations with his children.


    The stars in this house determine one's relationship or marriage life


    It tells how well one gets along with his brothers, sisters and colleagues.

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  • The 14 Major Stars

    • Emperor Star (Zi Wei)

      Mercy Star (Tian Ji)

      Sun (Tai Yang)

      Finance Star (Wu Qu)

      Lucky Star (Tian Tong)

      Wicked Star (Lian Zhen)

      Treasury Star (Tian Fu)

      Moon (Tai Yin)

      Flirting Star (Tan Lang)

      Gloomy Star (Ju Men)

      Minister Star (Tian Xiang)

      Tian Liang - Longevity
      Risk Taker ( Qi Sha )
      Resistance Breaker ( Po Jun )



    Fortunate Stars

    Angel 1 (Tian Kui)

    Angel 2 (Tian Yue)

    Deputy 1 (Zuo Fu)

    Deputy 2 (You Bi)

    Intellect Star (Wen Chang)

    Intelligence Star (Wen Qu)

    Harmful Stars

    Worrisome Star (Tuo Luo)

    Troublesome Star (Qing Yang)

    Fiery Star (Huo Xing)

    Siren Star (Ling Xing)

    Misfortune Star (Di Kong)

    Calamity Star (Di Jie)

    Auxiliary Stars

    Abundance Star (Lu Cun)

    Pegasus (Tian Ma)

    Stern Star (Tian Xing)

    Romance Star (Tian Yao)

    Wedding Star (Hong Luan)

    Birth Star (Tian Xi)



    Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology

    Four pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology has "Eight Characters" and is called Ba Zi in Chinese. It provides a guide to your providence and fate discerned by Heavenly and Earthly qi at the time of one’s birth. Due to its accuracy it has quickly become the most popular form of Chinese astrology.

    Chinese zodiac Animals


    The Chinese zodiac Animals represent nature and form the base of each pillar. Contrary to popular belief you don't just have one animal sign but four. The upper half of each of the four pillars has Heavenly Stems which represent timeliness and providence

    .Chinese astrology DBeckam

    This is a  Four pillars of destiny horoscope is of sports star David Beckham and looks like the kind of Chinese horoscope that you or I might have. However, on closer inspection we see that he is an Earth element person – (defined by the top line of his day pillar) born in an earth element month. This gives him the ability to always be in the right place at the right time and means that he should live a healthy and vibrant life.


    The Yang Metal element of his month pillar represents his talent and being extremely compatible in the 5 element cycle with his day pillar means that he has great natural ability. Further, as the metal element represents curves, precision and inspiration, as well as seeing the "bigger picture" all of these attributes figure highly in his style of play.


    The Yin Wood element of his year pillar is timely and indicates great power and prestige. The hour pillar is based on a time of 10:00 hours which is published on the internet and may be subject to correction. However, it does indicate great support from those under his care and this was certainly a feature during his England football teams’ captaincy. He also appears to be a devoted father to his children.





    Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology - the time dimension


    The kind of spectacular achievement that David has enjoyed is in 10 year

    luck cycles called luck pillars. The Earth Rabbit, his first luck pillar, began 11th February 1984 at the age of 8. The first five years of this cycle would have been very competitive but, at the age of 15, he was named "Under-15 Player of The Year" by the FA. Two years later he helped win the FA Youth Cup with Manchester United by scoring a goal against Crystal Palace. Later that year he made

    his first team debut. Of primary interest to his success was his next luck pillar

    of Earth Tiger which began February 1994.


    The Earth element brought support and assistance and the Tiger combined with the Rabbit and Dragon of his chart and brought 10 years of unrivalled power and prestige. So much so, that David appeared and scored in many crucial games for Manchester United, won many cups and accolades. In 2003, a great year of wealth for David, he was sold by Manchester United for a record 24.5 million pounds and signed personal terms on a four-year contract with Real Madrid. Whilst playing for this premier Spanish club, David entered his current luck pillar of Yin Fire Ox on February 2004.

    Although the Yin Fire element diminishes some of his power it does help balance his chart and brings a good period where he is able to consolidate his fame and improve his quality of life. The Ox meanwhile brings new beginnings and in 2007 the year of the Fire Pig a symbol of wealth and support, he signed to LA club Galaxy for a record amount. His next luck pillar beginning 2014 will bring outstanding wealth opportunities. His most favorite element is Fire so being active

    and in the public eye brings success.


    Fengshui That Works

    by: Mr Alan Stirling


    Human beings are always interested to know their future. In their way to find the hidden sixth sense, several civilizations have their own methods of predicting the future.

    Most of ancient civilizations with proven history are following several forms of astrological methods to analyze the future. Most of them are religion based and one such is Chinese Astrology.


    Archaeological evidence about Chinese astrology states that ancient Chinese rituals and Chinese Zodiac were developed between 3000 and 4000 BC, about 5,500 years ago .The first written horoscope known to archaeologists which includes the 12 zodiac signs dates from the Shang dynasty (began 1760BC) and was written on a tortoise shell.


    Chinese astrology is calculated by the exact day of a person’s birth, and using charts of the sun and the major planets. Practitioners then develop a horoscope and life chart for the person whose fortune is being determined.










    Chinese astrology was originally known as Five House astrology, or 5 planet Chinese astrology. It was based on the five major planets in our Solar system namely Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Later, like any other science some developments added and now Seven star system is followed by including Sun and Moon .


    Later in time, two new Chinese astrology systems were developed; one based on the Solar calendar called Ba Zi or Four Pillars. The other used the Lunar calendar and was called Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Emperor astrology.





    Why choose a Chinese astrology reading?


    Chinese astrology is mostly acceptable by its accuracy, tradition and simplicity in applications. Like theorms in mathematics, Chinese Astrology also flowing through various undefined terms. Whether defined or undefined, the popularity shows that most of the people are benefitting from this. When we compare with other science like Modern Medical Science, Chinese astrology and Fengshui also have certain percentage of failures which never reduced its increasing acceptance.




    Chinese astrology became popular when China initiated trade to the West after mid 17thcentury.Now a days, Chinese Astrology and Fengshui is becoming widely popular among persons who are interested in assessing their Fortune and Future.



    I heard that a door that faces a stairway is bad. Is it true?       stairway

    Actually this it is said to affect your health and wealth because whenever there is a draught, warm air from the house will flow out and cold air will flow in. A door allows a lot of air movement to flow so if you are susceptible to colds and chills, or worried about the cost of your heating bills, then just close it after use.
    Doors are considered as “qi mouths” as they admit a large airflow containing energy into a home. As such, they should be able to open freely with nothing impeding its operation. This will ensure that healthy qi flows throughout your space.

    “All doors should openly freely in order that beneficial qi can flow through your home"

     Fengshui That Works

    by: Mr Alan Stirling


    PA035968 Money has become an important factor in life. Human beings do so many things to make money. I am writing this blog not only to be famous but also to make some money. I expect that one day it will come that all my visitors will click on my advertisements and I will become rich one day. Nice dream, isn’t it?

    Here I will explain how to incorporate Fengshui into your life to make more money. I mean to bring more luck to you.


     First of all, you should find out the financial areas in your office, living room, bedroom and kitchen. As per Fengshui, these areas are found in the corner of the back left hand side of the room, when facing in from the doorway.

    After that you had to keep these areas free from objects that create Negative energy.


    How to remove Negative Objects from financial area.

    Classify objects or household things in your home and office into three

    Type A


    Those objects that are not used for last seven days                         

    Clean them and position them accordingly

    Type B                                                                                             

    Those objects that are not used for last seven months                   

    Clean  them  and  position  them  accordingly

    Type C                                                                                             

    Those objects that are not used for last seven years           

    Recheck them whether those items can be used again or not. If useless then throw out of your premise.

    For example: Broken mirrors, Old Clock

    In case of old books, cover them with white paper and keep in closed shelves

    Throw away any mirrors that are cracked or spotted

    (Check to see that all of your mirrors reflect your entire face)

    Remove any dirty curtains and remove all dust over there.


    Make your closets are not overstuffed.


    fter clearing these areas, place symbols of prosperity like bowl of coins or a lucky bamboo plant. Even pictures that indicate prosperity and money can also be used in such areas.


    Color also has an important role in making more money through Fengshui. Nourish all money areas in your house and office with the colours like green and purple.                                                       

    Green is the colour for vitality and growth (remember about the colour of Dollar, the world currency) while purple is the colour for wealth.

    You may keep purple and green grapes in a bowl full in the wealth area of the kitchen. These grapes can be real or artificial.   mysticcfss                                

    You may keep three Chinese coins tied with a red strip in your wallet, in your  money  box  or  with  your  bank  account  books.    


    We suggest bloggers to keep the picture of those Three Chinese coins in their blogs so that income from the blogs also will increase.


    These are generalized suggestions to increase money flow. Still, if you feel problem, then check your Kua number, do a Fengshui audit and keep some cure gadgets. Feel free to ask me.

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