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If you have been researching feng shui, you may have seen information on feng shui candles. How do these candles differ from regular candles? Should they be used in certain places? Are there any places that you should  not  use  these  candles?



The Five Elements and Feng Shui Candles

Feng shui teaches the use of five natural elements, namely, wood, earth, metal, water, and fire, and that there should always be a balance or harmony between these elements in any space or room of your home. What is meant by that?
The best explanation for this is that one element will either nourish another element or demolish it. Wood nourishes fire, water gets rid of fire. The balance that you are trying to achieve by using feng shui is not to destroy the elements but to have harmony between them. If your living room has metal elements such as gray colors, balance this with fire. The way to do this is to use feng shui candles. Because a fire cannot be built in the middle of your living room floor, candles can stand in for the fire element.







Energy and Feng Shui Candles

Because fire is an element that is associated with strong feelings, such as energy and perseverance, you can use this element in a room that is dull and lifeless. Likewise, if you need to energize your bedroom, feng shui candles are a great idea. Fire has been an element that has fascinated man for ages. A sense of power and energy has long been associated with fire. Do remember that to be on the safe side all fires need to be put out properly and never left unattended.
Feng shui candles are a good idea when you are looking to create energy in any other room of your home, such as the family room or dining room, when you want the family to gather and be open to one another. The fire is an encouragement for everyone to have some energy in  their  conversation.                                                                                        

Where Do Feng Shui Candles Not Belong

Fire is a very strong element and for this reason you need to be careful not to go overboard using it. If you have a big fireplace in your house, you probably already have enough of the fire element. Don't line your mantelpiece with candles in this instance because this will be overdoing it. Keep the feng shui candles for another place in your home, far enough away from the fireplace not to compete.
It is best not to use feng shui candles in childrens' rooms. Make sure they are securely placed in a holder and not close enough to pets or small children to be turned over.
If you apply these principles to your use of feng shui candles, you will soon begin to enjoy the vitality and energy that they bring to your life and your  home.



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Bimbo said...

Nice blog,Keep it up

david biodun-kasumu said...

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Nice articles!very helpful and informative.

forexwatch said...

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Suzzan said...

I have a fireplace in my frontroom but it is not used all the time. Do I need to remove all candles out of the frontroom for good or just when I use the fire place?

Kris said...

Dear Susan we would like to know the Kua Number or which group you belong to, and are u the earning member of the family? This is essential for the personalised Fengshui advice. Other wise on Fire area, keeping an element activator like what you said, will increase the Enegergy concenteration there. You had to carefully observe whether, such an activation is required in that room or not. If you dont have any problems related to Fire element, then dont disturb the existing system.Otherwise you may try the reverse. Well, if you need more consultation, just email us at

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