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The fountain should be made from high quality materials better that it have a polished brass or crystal pedestal and has a brass or crystal vase in its outer side. The inner area can be of any material that will protect the motor. The motor should be silent and must not make noise. There is no restriction for the color. The water should sprout forcefully and drops from a height in open air.The fountain must work at least from morning to sunset                                                                                                              









Water Fountain gadget is effective as ENHANCER Gadget and CURATIVE Gadget. This Gadget found to be useful in problems related to Health & Family, Prosperity, Abundance, and Career in life.


The location of your Fengshui water fountain is determined by the Ba-Gua, and five Fengshui elements. This can be placed either indoor or outdoor. The best directions to keep a Water fountain Fengshui Gadget are

  1. East
  2. Southeast
  3. Northclip_image002[23]



As per constructive cycle, the Water Fountain which is considered to be directly related with Water element can be used to activate or enhance Wood element. 

When the water falls from certain height, the negative energy is absorbed and creates a positive energy current. The soundclip_image002[21]d of water fall can itself be very soothing.

Remember that “Vortex water never keep negatives”








  1. Never keep Fengshui water fountain in Bedroom as it may bring more sadness to your life
  2. Never keep Fengshui water fountain in South direction, which is the active place of element Fire 


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  2010 is a Golden Tiger (庚寅年) year. This Golden Tiger year begins from Feb 4th, 2010 and ends on Feb 3rd, 2011. 2010 year of Golden Tiger has the Geng (庚) Metal element as Heavenly-Stem, and the Yin (寅) Wood element as its Earthly-Branch. 2010 could be a disaster year when considering the facts that Heaven clashes Earth. According to Feng Shui forecasts, the below given pictures show the most disaster prone areas in 2010. The people around these areas must take much care as natural calamities will rise very quickly.


The following disasters will hunt different parts of the world, especially the areas shown with red marks in the world map given above.

  1. Earth quakes ( especially near to the Atlantic region )
  2. Land Slides or Mountain disasters near to the border of India and China
  3. Hurricanes and wind related disasters near United States of America
  4. Iceland seems to be the worst area , where people suffer with multiple disasters
  5. Other danger areas include southern part of Indian peninsula, some areas of Australia, Canadian Hills etc

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We can see high level of importance for Gadgets in Fengshui. Many masters suggest different types of Gadgets. Some time people select Gadgets by themselves.


In Fengshui, Gadgets can be divided into three main types according to the application. They are

  1. Curative Gadgets




These Gadgets are using to cure any sort of serious problems due to imbalance of Good Chi and Bad Chi.



Example: Clear Quartz Fengshui Crystal Ball (To achieve greater harmony in the family and to cure family problems)

    1. Preventive or Protective Gadgets

    These Gadgets are used to prevent any sort of issues that may rise due to the fall of Good Chi , in and around a system.

    Example: Brass Chong Kwei Holding a Bat & Sword (Chong Kwei acts as a protective charm to ward off evil spirits and people with bad intentions)

    1. Enhancers Gadgets

    These Gadgets are used to enhance the existing levels of Good Chi (Positive energy) in and around a system.

    Example: Brass Fengshui Gold Ingot with Base (Enhances wealth)

      The most interesting fact is that some gadgets can be used as Curative, Preventive or Enhancer whereas some cannot be. So this classification can be considered as an application based one and not on absolute terms.

      But many people complaint that they don’t get enough result from using the Fengshui Gadgets. This is due to multiple factors and mostly a selection of the Gadget by you.

      Dangers behind selecting a Fengshui Gadget by yourself

    1. It is very essential that you had to analyze the premise before installing a Gadget. This analysis can be done in best way by a practicing Fengshui Master. The aim of such an audit is to determine the energy levels of that area.
    2. You should take care to select the best Gadget that made up of correct metal.
    3. While installing Gadgets, usually people choose the place that they feel as ideal for them. This should be done very carefully as Bagua chart determines the direction especially based on the Bagua number of a person. This varies from person to person.
    4. As a result of the above described factors, sometimes the Gadgets will bring negative energy or may increase energy in undesired areas

    It is very essential that you must seek the advice of a Fengshui practitioner before purchasing any Gadgets. You may ask us any questions regarding any Gadget and its installation.

    In our coming lessons we are explaining different types of Gadgets, and their peculiarities.


    Many theories of Feng Shui were said to be inspired by two very interesting and mysterious diagrams called River Map ( Ho Tu ) and Lo Shu . Lo Shu Square (simplified Chinese: 洛书; traditional Chinese: 洛書 ; literally: Luo (River) Book/Scroll) or the Nine Halls Diagram (simplified Chinese: 九宫图; traditional Chinese: 九宮圖), often in connection with the"Ho Tu (河圖) figure and 8 trigrams, is the unique normal magic square of order three. If we add the numbers from all three either diagonal or parallel sides will give 15 as the product.

    Lo Shu Square
    These numbers are said to be found written on the back of a turtle's shell. The pattern takes a forward movement starting from the center of the magic square which houses the number 5.


    There are different systems of schools being followed by the traditional

    Fengshui. Today we will explain about four of such schools and their method of implementation. Even though there are more systems of  schools ( 7 different schools ) were in practice, I will explain four that have huge popularity.




    Yang Yung Sung



    Kwangsi province, China.



    Around the period AD840 - 888CE.

    Also known as


    Kanchow method, Kwang Hsi  School, Kiangsi method and Shapes School.



    By visual survey of the  landscape, the site and the specific location.

    Principles used


    Chi (or Dragon's Breath),  Four Symbolic Animals Theory, Yin and Yang and the Five Elements

    Chinese Scholar Yang Yun Sung compiled the first Feng Shui manual based on the  features of the land, that describes the hills and mountains of Gui Lin, which is now a famous tourist center  in China.







    Wang K'e



    Fukien province, China.



    Northern Sung period around AD960 - 1126 CE.

    Also known as


    Fukien School, Ancestral Hall method and Min School.



    Analytical, based on time  element and orientation of direction.

    Principles used


    Heaven and Earth (Tian/Tee) concept, the 12 Chinese Zodica signs, the 28 constellations, Ursa Major - 9 stars, the Great Bear, the Five  Elements, Yin and Yang Theories and the IChing `captured' on a  Chinese compass.

    As the name indicates, Compass School is powered by the use of traditional Chinese Compass called Luopan.

    The Compass School of Feng Shui  have the developed theories such as the Eight House Theory and the Flying Star Theory.








    Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun



    United states




    Also known as


    New Age Fengshui



    Five elements and life aspirations with Bagua chart

    Principles used


    A combination of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and Classical Feng Shui.


    This is a simplified modern day version of Compass School Fengshui and uses the same five elements and life aspirations but does not divide a home or office by the actual compass sections.  Instead, a bagua map is aligned with the main entry door. 





    Group of FengShui Masters







    Also known as


    Indian Fengshui, Bharatiya Brahmatwa



    Uses Traditional Vastu ( Indian system ) with Form School and Compass school

    Principles used


    A combination of Vaastu Sastra, Indian Astrology and Compass School




    This is very complex and accurate system formulated by group of Fengshui Masters. Still in a process of absorbing traditional Vaastu with Fengshui. Fengshui Masters apply this in order to find comparatively less expensive ways to the problems. Instead of Chinese symbols, Indian traditional symbols are used irrespective of  religion.








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    We usually spend about a third of our life in our bedroom,recharging and restoring our health. If we do not get enough sleep or peaceful atmosphere inside bedroom, then we become irritable and miserable. Conversely when we sleep well our renewed energy and sense of vibrancy allows us to accomplish anything!






    What energy do you have?


    Fengshui colors
              As color is light or energy moving at different wavelengths (speeds), what we see as a fengshui color is actually the reflected energy from an object. This energy will react with your own chi ( energy) and affect you in many ways.
               As we are dealing with your bedroom fengshui, we will just look at how this affects your sleep and use the five element cycle consisting of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Having found your Nine Star Ki ( Kua ) number from our calculator you need to convert these numbers to elements, so you will need to know that the water element is 1, wood 3, and 4,  fire is 9, earth, 2, 5 and 8, with metal 6 and 7.



    Find your perfect fengshui bedroom colors

    To find the perfect fengshui colors for your bedroom do the following:

      1. Identify your element from your Ki ( Kua ) number. To identify the Nine Star Ki, use this calculator.
      2. Find your element in the five element cycle below.
        FIRE 9
        EARTH 2,5,8
        WATER 1
        WOOD 3,4
        METAL 6,7
      3. Your most relaxing fengshui colors are of the element following yours.  
      4. You can find these fengshui colors here in the picture given below
        feng shui colour cycle
      5. When you have two conflicting energies you can wear one color as nightwear and the other as bedding, ideally a pillowcase.
    Fengshui color effects


    When viewing the 5 element cycle below in relation to your natal element, if you choose the colors from the preceding element to yours, you will find it very difficult to get off to sleep and will be restless.  
    feng shui colour cycleChoose the color two places before yours and if you are a female you will think about your relationship and if male about promotion or getting even with people.
    You may also have nightmares where control or restriction is the theme. Choose the color two places after yours and if male you will think about your wife or partner, if female you may worry about money.   So if you want to relax and have a good night’s sleep choose the colors from the element directly after yours.



    Fengshui bedroom layout.



    Naturally the most important fengshui aspect in your bedroom is the position of the bed. This either needs to be against a solid wall or if away from the wall it will need to have a solid head board.  The bed should be placed in the “power position” which will be the spot opposite the door where you can see the whole room before you and anyone entering the room. 
    On no account should you have the bed inline with the door as this is known as the “coffin position ” and it will completely undermine your confidence and all that you do in life. Similarly, as the solid wall behind your bed represents your security and well being if you place the bed’s headboard against the wall containing  the door then you will argue at some point , with whomever enters the room. This is the primary reason for arguments with children.
    In Chinese philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine, energy is said to rise on the left side of our bodies and fall on the right side. When we mirror this phenomenon in our surroundings we feel extremely comfortable.  
    Viewed from the position of laying in bed placing your wardrobes on the left and your dressing table on the right of the bed will easily create this effect. If we add a space at the foot of the bed this mirrors the “ming tang” effect which is alluded to in all forms of tai chi and qi gong and is said to make the occupants visionary. 
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    Fengshui That Works 

    by: Mr. Alan Stirling


    Application of Fengshui principles




    1. "Feng" means "wind" and "shui" means "water" which is pronounced as fung-shway and refers to the theory that FengShui is the art and science of avoiding dispersion or scattering and enhancing the flow and collection of chi or energy in a space .
      Feng Shui is not related to any religion. It is based on the Taoist vision of understanding a nature, that is filled with chi or energy.

    2. Fengshui Elements
      According to Fengshui, everything is constituted with energy or Chi. Chi is organized into five major elements such as metal, fire, water, wood and earth. Based on the Taoist vision of nature that depicts the Yin-Yang Principle, Five Element Theory and the Trigrams, Fengshui helps us determine which frequencies work positively with our own personal energy, the energies of our family members and the entire system that communicates with us

    3. Fengshui recommends proper orientation, position and arrangement of space to achieve synchronized, smooth flow of energy, or Chi. Fengshui will help you  to assemble anything like locations, spaces, subjects, life etc  to be a part of correct energy flow. When the energy flow is proper, then the presence of Good positive energy will be more in the surrounding atmosphere .
    4. Chi varies from space to space and influenced by "Five Elements"--water, fire, metal, wood and earth--and the Yin and Yang. It is very essential that all these influencing factors should be in a balanced form
    5. The Eight Areas of Bagua

      bagua chart Bagua" is an octagonal diagram with eight sectors that represents your space i.e. your office, rooms, or as a whole building. The Bagua chart is positioned above the basic plan of your home to find out the negative spaces inside it. The eight areas in a Bagua are: prosperity, love, well-being, character, vocation, wisdom, travel and contacts, and creativity and children.

    6. Fengshui application with us.
      An ideal harmony of elements, items and colors in a home will generate positive energies thorough out the system and such a FENGSHUI home will definitely bring luck to you.
    7. Getting Assistance with FengShui
      In order to attain knowledge of Fengshui, you would need to learn its philosophy, for a long period. I suggest you to learn it first and then try to apply it in your daily life. Apply it after understanding the underlying scientific  principles.

    All criticizers, please learn and understand Fengshui before you criticize it. Because i will ask a simple question, “ without having basic knowledge, how you can criticize anything ”


    Zi Wei Dou Shu or "Purple Emperor" Chinese astrology

    Click here to visit Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator     

      Zi Wei Dou Shu or "Purple Emperor" Chinese astrology consists of up to 144 stars and 12 palaces.

      Zi Wei Dou Shu uses the Chinese lunisolar calendar, a lunar calendar that is adjusted for the seasons.

        The Zi Wei Dou Shu was first derived by  Lu Chun Yang (呂純陽). It was then developed by Chen Xi Yi (陳希夷) during the Song Dynasty and later on Luo Hong Xian 羅洪先 during the Ming Dynasty to the present day. In Zi Wei Dou Shu we locate "stars" in twelve "palaces". These are

    1. LIFE

      The stars in this house determine one's character and achievement.

    2. PARENTS

      The stars in this house determine one's relationship with his parents and superiors.


      The stars in this house determine one's mental state of happiness.


      The stars in this house determine of one's major investments.

    5. CAREER

      The stars in this house determine the kind of career that suits a person and the kind of achievement expected.

    6. FRIENDS

      The stars in this house determine the kind of friends and hired help one can expect.

    7. TRAVEL

      The stars in this house determine whether one is lucky leaving his home-town.

    8. HEALTH

      The stars in this house determine one's health condition.

    9. WEALTH

      The stars in this house determine one's financial situation.

    10. CHILDREN

      The stars in this house determine one's relations with his children.

    11. MARRIAGE

      The stars in this house determine one's relationship or marriage life

    12. BROTHER

      It tells how well one gets along with his brothers, sisters and colleagues.

    13. Click here to visit Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator   

  1. The 14 Major Stars

    • Emperor Star (Zi Wei)

      Mercy Star (Tian Ji)

      Sun (Tai Yang)

      Finance Star (Wu Qu)

      Lucky Star (Tian Tong)

      Wicked Star (Lian Zhen)

      Treasury Star (Tian Fu)

      Moon (Tai Yin)

      Flirting Star (Tan Lang)

      Gloomy Star (Ju Men)

      Minister Star (Tian Xiang)

      Tian Liang - Longevity
      Risk Taker ( Qi Sha )
      Resistance Breaker ( Po Jun )



    Fortunate Stars

    Angel 1 (Tian Kui)

    Angel 2 (Tian Yue)

    Deputy 1 (Zuo Fu)

    Deputy 2 (You Bi)

    Intellect Star (Wen Chang)

    Intelligence Star (Wen Qu)

    Harmful Stars

    Worrisome Star (Tuo Luo)

    Troublesome Star (Qing Yang)

    Fiery Star (Huo Xing)

    Siren Star (Ling Xing)

    Misfortune Star (Di Kong)

    Calamity Star (Di Jie)

    Auxiliary Stars

    Abundance Star (Lu Cun)

    Pegasus (Tian Ma)

    Stern Star (Tian Xing)

    Romance Star (Tian Yao)

    Wedding Star (Hong Luan)

    Birth Star (Tian Xi)



    Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology

    Four pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology has "Eight Characters" and is called Ba Zi in Chinese. It provides a guide to your providence and fate discerned by Heavenly and Earthly qi at the time of one’s birth. Due to its accuracy it has quickly become the most popular form of Chinese astrology.

    Chinese zodiac Animals


    The Chinese zodiac Animals represent nature and form the base of each pillar. Contrary to popular belief you don't just have one animal sign but four. The upper half of each of the four pillars has Heavenly Stems which represent timeliness and providence

    .Chinese astrology DBeckam

    This is a  Four pillars of destiny horoscope is of sports star David Beckham and looks like the kind of Chinese horoscope that you or I might have. However, on closer inspection we see that he is an Earth element person – (defined by the top line of his day pillar) born in an earth element month. This gives him the ability to always be in the right place at the right time and means that he should live a healthy and vibrant life.


    The Yang Metal element of his month pillar represents his talent and being extremely compatible in the 5 element cycle with his day pillar means that he has great natural ability. Further, as the metal element represents curves, precision and inspiration, as well as seeing the "bigger picture" all of these attributes figure highly in his style of play.


    The Yin Wood element of his year pillar is timely and indicates great power and prestige. The hour pillar is based on a time of 10:00 hours which is published on the internet and may be subject to correction. However, it does indicate great support from those under his care and this was certainly a feature during his England football teams’ captaincy. He also appears to be a devoted father to his children.





    Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology - the time dimension


    The kind of spectacular achievement that David has enjoyed is in 10 year

    luck cycles called luck pillars. The Earth Rabbit, his first luck pillar, began 11th February 1984 at the age of 8. The first five years of this cycle would have been very competitive but, at the age of 15, he was named "Under-15 Player of The Year" by the FA. Two years later he helped win the FA Youth Cup with Manchester United by scoring a goal against Crystal Palace. Later that year he made

    his first team debut. Of primary interest to his success was his next luck pillar

    of Earth Tiger which began February 1994.


    The Earth element brought support and assistance and the Tiger combined with the Rabbit and Dragon of his chart and brought 10 years of unrivalled power and prestige. So much so, that David appeared and scored in many crucial games for Manchester United, won many cups and accolades. In 2003, a great year of wealth for David, he was sold by Manchester United for a record 24.5 million pounds and signed personal terms on a four-year contract with Real Madrid. Whilst playing for this premier Spanish club, David entered his current luck pillar of Yin Fire Ox on February 2004.

    Although the Yin Fire element diminishes some of his power it does help balance his chart and brings a good period where he is able to consolidate his fame and improve his quality of life. The Ox meanwhile brings new beginnings and in 2007 the year of the Fire Pig a symbol of wealth and support, he signed to LA club Galaxy for a record amount. His next luck pillar beginning 2014 will bring outstanding wealth opportunities. His most favorite element is Fire so being active

    and in the public eye brings success.


    Fengshui That Works

    by: Mr Alan Stirling


    Human beings are always interested to know their future. In their way to find the hidden sixth sense, several civilizations have their own methods of predicting the future.

    Most of ancient civilizations with proven history are following several forms of astrological methods to analyze the future. Most of them are religion based and one such is Chinese Astrology.


    Archaeological evidence about Chinese astrology states that ancient Chinese rituals and Chinese Zodiac were developed between 3000 and 4000 BC, about 5,500 years ago .The first written horoscope known to archaeologists which includes the 12 zodiac signs dates from the Shang dynasty (began 1760BC) and was written on a tortoise shell.


    Chinese astrology is calculated by the exact day of a person’s birth, and using charts of the sun and the major planets. Practitioners then develop a horoscope and life chart for the person whose fortune is being determined.










    Chinese astrology was originally known as Five House astrology, or 5 planet Chinese astrology. It was based on the five major planets in our Solar system namely Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Later, like any other science some developments added and now Seven star system is followed by including Sun and Moon .


    Later in time, two new Chinese astrology systems were developed; one based on the Solar calendar called Ba Zi or Four Pillars. The other used the Lunar calendar and was called Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Emperor astrology.





    Why choose a Chinese astrology reading?


    Chinese astrology is mostly acceptable by its accuracy, tradition and simplicity in applications. Like theorms in mathematics, Chinese Astrology also flowing through various undefined terms. Whether defined or undefined, the popularity shows that most of the people are benefitting from this. When we compare with other science like Modern Medical Science, Chinese astrology and Fengshui also have certain percentage of failures which never reduced its increasing acceptance.




    Chinese astrology became popular when China initiated trade to the West after mid 17thcentury.Now a days, Chinese Astrology and Fengshui is becoming widely popular among persons who are interested in assessing their Fortune and Future.



    I heard that a door that faces a stairway is bad. Is it true?       stairway

    Actually this it is said to affect your health and wealth because whenever there is a draught, warm air from the house will flow out and cold air will flow in. A door allows a lot of air movement to flow so if you are susceptible to colds and chills, or worried about the cost of your heating bills, then just close it after use.
    Doors are considered as “qi mouths” as they admit a large airflow containing energy into a home. As such, they should be able to open freely with nothing impeding its operation. This will ensure that healthy qi flows throughout your space.

    “All doors should openly freely in order that beneficial qi can flow through your home"

     Fengshui That Works

    by: Mr Alan Stirling


    PA035968 Money has become an important factor in life. Human beings do so many things to make money. I am writing this blog not only to be famous but also to make some money. I expect that one day it will come that all my visitors will click on my advertisements and I will become rich one day. Nice dream, isn’t it?

    Here I will explain how to incorporate Fengshui into your life to make more money. I mean to bring more luck to you.


     First of all, you should find out the financial areas in your office, living room, bedroom and kitchen. As per Fengshui, these areas are found in the corner of the back left hand side of the room, when facing in from the doorway.

    After that you had to keep these areas free from objects that create Negative energy.


    How to remove Negative Objects from financial area.

    Classify objects or household things in your home and office into three

    Type A


    Those objects that are not used for last seven days                         

    Clean them and position them accordingly

    Type B                                                                                             

    Those objects that are not used for last seven months                   

    Clean  them  and  position  them  accordingly

    Type C                                                                                             

    Those objects that are not used for last seven years           

    Recheck them whether those items can be used again or not. If useless then throw out of your premise.

    For example: Broken mirrors, Old Clock

    In case of old books, cover them with white paper and keep in closed shelves

    Throw away any mirrors that are cracked or spotted

    (Check to see that all of your mirrors reflect your entire face)

    Remove any dirty curtains and remove all dust over there.


    Make your closets are not overstuffed.


    fter clearing these areas, place symbols of prosperity like bowl of coins or a lucky bamboo plant. Even pictures that indicate prosperity and money can also be used in such areas.


    Color also has an important role in making more money through Fengshui. Nourish all money areas in your house and office with the colours like green and purple.                                                       

    Green is the colour for vitality and growth (remember about the colour of Dollar, the world currency) while purple is the colour for wealth.

    You may keep purple and green grapes in a bowl full in the wealth area of the kitchen. These grapes can be real or artificial.   mysticcfss                                

    You may keep three Chinese coins tied with a red strip in your wallet, in your  money  box  or  with  your  bank  account  books.    


    We suggest bloggers to keep the picture of those Three Chinese coins in their blogs so that income from the blogs also will increase.


    These are generalized suggestions to increase money flow. Still, if you feel problem, then check your Kua number, do a Fengshui audit and keep some cure gadgets. Feel free to ask me.


    A fengshui money tree is an indoor plant used in order to attract prosperity and wealth into any space. The feng shui money tree's botanical name is Pachira, and its care requires the average sun light and watering that any other indoor plant would need. Its height can reach to as much as seven feet while it can reach to be as much as three feet wide.

    The shape of these plant's leafs represent the five main elements of feng shui, wood, water, earth, fire and metal, and this is what makes the feng shui money tree so symbolic. When an element is missing, or the elements in a space are not balanced, a feng shui money tree would help adding what is missing harmonizing the elements.

    Since feng shui money trees bring or increase wealth, they are ideal to place near a place where money is kept or near the cash registers in businesses. Prosperity and wealth, as well as elements harmonization should come after placing this plant at those spots. Any other place where money and wealth is needed can be a good place for a feng shui money tree as well.

    Feng shui money trees can also be strategically placed according to the house areas indicated by the bagua map. The bagua map northwest corner corresponds to the prosperity area of life, and this could be an ideal place for a feng shui money tree to be. Since it brings prosperity, you can also help attracting this factor to any other area of your life by placing the feng shui tree at the house area which corresponds to it.

    If you would like to have a feng shui money tree but don't know where to find it, there are many stores selling it online which would allow you to buy it through their catalogues. You would easily find them by typing feng shui money tree at your search engine, and they would allow you to see them in pictures as well as provide you with details about it.

    As you can see, feng shui money trees symbolism can have many different applications as well as having decorative properties. I can also help you enlightening a dark corner and help chi flowing better. Whether you are thinking of buying an indoor plant for yourself or giving it as a present, a feng shui money tree can be a great option.

    By Jakob



    If you have been researching feng shui, you may have seen information on feng shui candles. How do these candles differ from regular candles? Should they be used in certain places? Are there any places that you should  not  use  these  candles?



    The Five Elements and Feng Shui Candles

    Feng shui teaches the use of five natural elements, namely, wood, earth, metal, water, and fire, and that there should always be a balance or harmony between these elements in any space or room of your home. What is meant by that?
    The best explanation for this is that one element will either nourish another element or demolish it. Wood nourishes fire, water gets rid of fire. The balance that you are trying to achieve by using feng shui is not to destroy the elements but to have harmony between them. If your living room has metal elements such as gray colors, balance this with fire. The way to do this is to use feng shui candles. Because a fire cannot be built in the middle of your living room floor, candles can stand in for the fire element.







    Energy and Feng Shui Candles

    Because fire is an element that is associated with strong feelings, such as energy and perseverance, you can use this element in a room that is dull and lifeless. Likewise, if you need to energize your bedroom, feng shui candles are a great idea. Fire has been an element that has fascinated man for ages. A sense of power and energy has long been associated with fire. Do remember that to be on the safe side all fires need to be put out properly and never left unattended.
    Feng shui candles are a good idea when you are looking to create energy in any other room of your home, such as the family room or dining room, when you want the family to gather and be open to one another. The fire is an encouragement for everyone to have some energy in  their  conversation.                                                                                        

    Where Do Feng Shui Candles Not Belong

    Fire is a very strong element and for this reason you need to be careful not to go overboard using it. If you have a big fireplace in your house, you probably already have enough of the fire element. Don't line your mantelpiece with candles in this instance because this will be overdoing it. Keep the feng shui candles for another place in your home, far enough away from the fireplace not to compete.
    It is best not to use feng shui candles in childrens' rooms. Make sure they are securely placed in a holder and not close enough to pets or small children to be turned over.
    If you apply these principles to your use of feng shui candles, you will soon begin to enjoy the vitality and energy that they bring to your life and your  home.



    About the Author

    In order to boost your energy with feng shui products, visit "" for a step-by-step guide to boundless energy.


    Everyone has heard of Feng Shui, but what exactly is it?












    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that involves the study of both the natural and the created environments. To achieve a balance between the 2 affects the energy of a room.



    7 Schools Of Feng Shui

    There are many different versions of Feng Shui, each influenced by culture, geography, and religion. There are 7 predominant types or schools of Feng Shui:

    1. The Compass School uses the 8 trigrams of the I-Ching. They are known collectively as Pa Kua, which is based on the 8 main directions of a compass. Each direction is associated with a specific chi. For example, southern is vibrant energy.
    2. The Form School, based on the landscape's shape, uses 4 symbolic animals to identify the landscape. Easy to use, the Form School (along with the Compass School) increases chi both in and out of the home.
    3. The Black Hat Sect uses a fixed entry point to determine the area. Although similar to the Compass School philosophy, it has differences. The Black Hat Sect also consists of psychology, Buddhism and basic design principles.
    4. 8 Mansion School, also known as the 8 House Feng Shui, is based on the individual number of the person living in the home. That number is used to bring harmony and balance to the home. People who use this system have both lucky and unlucky numbers, with the west numbers being 2, 6, 7, and 8 and the east numbers being 1, 3, 4, and 9.
    5. The 9 Star Key School uses stars to help identify lucky and unlucky days. This school of thought uses complicated math formulas to pinpoint when a person will get married and the astrological sign of the future marriage partners. It will also tell the practitioner how to live based on his house.
    6. The most common form of Feng Shui, based on astrology and numerology, is the Flying Star Philosophy. Difficult to understand and learn, it is also based on mathematical principals and is used to determine a person's fate.
    7. Four Pillars, the final school of thought, is not very common. Based on astrology tied to the person's date of birth right down to the minutes, this form of Feng Shui is also used to determine a person's fate.
    5 Elements Of Feng Shui
    After determining which school of thought is best for an individual, it is important to understand the 5 elements of Feng Shui. They are: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood. Balance and harmony can be created in a home through the use of these elements. If used incorrectly, however, the energy can be lessened or even destroyed.
    Each of the 5 elements is also associated with a direction:
    Earth -- Southwest
    Fire -- South
    Water -- North
    Metal -- West
    Wood -- East
    Beauty And Balance
    In a Feng Shui home, all rooms should achieve a balance of these elements, although some items may weigh heavier than others. A chair might score 3 times more than a throw pillow, for example, because of the size difference.
    Properly applied, Feng Shui brings both beauty and balance to the home or office.

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